Listen Linda: What Precisely Caused Matteo to Become So Agitated in the Viral Video?


We will never forget the small boy shouting at his mother while wearing a green T-shirt: “Ok Linda. Linda, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen Linda. Listen.” If you have somehow forgotten, here is a reminder:

Three-year-old Matteo was just three years old when the video was taken. We met with his mother to learn what 10-year-old Matteo is doing now.

The notorious Linda stated: “He enjoys studying everything there is to know about martial arts and adjusting to social distance learning. His sibling and he enjoy playing video games.

Listen Linda

Matteo is a tremendous help at home with his brothers; he is eager to learn and willing to pitch in wherever he can.

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What Precisely Caused Matteo to Become So Agitated in the Viral Video?

Linda said: “Matteo desired to skip supper in favor of dessert. Thus, this became the subject of a heated argument. We were in the middle of a chat when I eventually began filming.”

His mother pointed out that this was not the only thing he ever said: “He used the terms “listen” and “you’re not listening to me” since, as all parents know, these phrases are commonly used with children. “Listen to me!”, “You are not listening to me,” or “OK, are you paying attention?”

At the time, people were curious as to how the young boy knew his mother’s name; Linda went on to explain: “A few weeks before, he had learned our names and soon realized that if we were distracted, he could easily get our attention by calling us by our names. We felt it was important for our children to know our names in case of an emergency.

“We did not want our children to be asked, “What is your mother’s name?” and their ability to solely answer with “mom.”

In other words, we are ecstatic that Linda taught him her real name. This may have never occurred otherwise.

Listen Linda

She expressed her surprise that the video has been viewed 28 million times, saying: “Oh man, I never in my life imagined that it would receive over 28 million views. Or that even now, people would continue to discuss how it made them laugh.

“People’s tales of overcoming adversity because this video made them laugh. It’s great. “Clearly, life has not been easy for us. We suffer virtually every day, so it’s nice to hear how this small movie impacted people’s lives or how we make their day as they follow us. Also lifts my morale. In a sense, we are all here for each other.”

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