Hogatoga Projector: How to Project a Mobile Device’s Display Onto a Wall Using the Projector App?


Do you enjoy transforming your smartphone into a projector and projecting your smartphone’s films and movies onto a wall or screen?

With the help of an Android app for a mobile flashlight video projector, this is now achievable. The software apk must be downloaded for free in order to enjoy the expanded view of all of your favorite videos.

What is Projector Application?

  • Free apk download of the Android app flashlight video projector.

Hogatoga Projector

  • Therefore, the HD Video Projector Simulator application can be used for this purpose. This app is easily accessible on the Google Play Store. Additionally, a video projector Android APK file is available for this application.
  • Therefore, Android users will have no difficulty downloading and utilizing this application on their Android devices. Conversely, iOS users can utilize the Epson iProjection program.
  • Digitech Tool Apps created the HD Video Projector Simulator software, which is only 15 MB in size.
  • It is compatible with Android versions 4.2 and beyond. It has been installed over 5,000,000 times.
  • This application allows you to watch HD videos on your smartphone’s wall.
  • The Epson iProjection app is compatible with iOS 13 and later. It offers projection of cloud file services in addition to displaying documents, web pages, photos, and more.

How to Obtain a Flashlight Video Projector iPhone?

  • On your iPhone, you may download the Epson iProjection app to use a mobile video projector in flashlight mode on walls.
  • You can search for the application in the Apple Store’s search section.
  • After obtaining the findings, you may click the install option.

How to Apply?

After installing the Epson iProjection app, you may utilize it to show documents, websites, and photographs, connect up to 50 devices, utilize the device’s inbuilt camera, and manage the projector from your phone.

How Can I Download the Android APK for the Video Projector App?

  • Simply navigate to the Play Store, search for the HD Video Projector Simulator app, and install it on your Android device.
  • Alternatively, you may use the APK file to install the application on your mobile device.
  • In order to do so, though, you must enable “download apps from unknown sources” in your smartphone’s settings.

How to Project a Mobile Device’s Display Onto a Wall Using the Projector App?

  • You can launch the app on your phone, provide it with the necessary permissions, and then play locally stored videos with the app.

Hogatoga Projector

  • To project the mobile screen onto a wall, you may need an Android application for mobile casting. Currently, this feature is embedded into smartphones. Download a casting application, such as AllCast.
  • Now install the application on both your mobile phone and backup device (Like projector, led tv, etc.)
  • Now connect the device using the app and stream the screen of your mobile device.

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Best Android Projector Application?

Epson iProjection, Projector Remote, MultiPresenter, and Panasonic Wireless Projector are the finest Android projector apps.

Note: You cannot directly project the smartphone screen onto a wall using the mobile flashlight. Therefore, quit being duped by other websites.

There are mobile devices that include projector lenses. You can purchase these to utilize your smartphone as a projector.

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