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Apple was the first major technology company to take action against the Infowars news station. On Sunday, Apple corporation attempted to remove one of the iTunes podcasts.

Alex Jones was purportedly accused of disseminating hate speech and fake coronavirus allegations on his Infowars news program.

banned. video app Infowars

The video app was also removed from the Google Play store. The news channel has been accused of routinely publishing false information regarding the global increase in newly infected corona patients.

android video downloads are restricted.

banned videos app
Employees who have worked for the agency for many years have made allegations of harassment. This new website is an American conspiracy theory from the far right.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the video that led to the removal of the banned. video android app from Google’s play store encouraged people to observe the social distance, quarantine efforts, and shelter-in-place conventions. This video was supposedly broadcast by radio personality Alex Jones, who asserted that there is a cure for this sickness and that social isolation will prevent its spread.

banned. video android app

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Apple’s store, and Google’s play store have already blacklisted Alex Jones. This occurred when he uploaded a video to his news program, Infowars, in which he made incorrect assumptions about coronavirus.

The video went viral, eliciting numerous voices from around the globe and causing commotion everywhere. After the video went viral, a number of other news channels produced contentious videos with their own facts.

Both Apple’s store and Google’s play store have indicated that their primary focus is combatting any form of disinformation. Any movie or iTune that violates Apple’s or Google’s play store policies and distributes false and dangerous material will be immediately banned from the relevant locations.

banned videos app

Alex Jones said in the video that antivirals were developed to combat the unique coronavirus. This is not the first time Jones has concocted a similar hoax, and he has attempted to break the noble policies on numerous other occasions.

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Banned. video app download

On this news channel, it is still possible to find older videos. To download these videos, you must conduct a Google search for “how to download Infowars.”

After doing so, you will receive numerous links. Click one of them to access the information. If you follow the supplied procedures, you will only be allowed to see older videos on the Infowars news website.

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