How to Write a Biography of Famous Person?

Writing a biography combines several tasks at once, which are important in academic writing. Firstly, this is the right choice of topic, and secondly, the study and collection and analysis of a large amount of information, working with sources, sifting rumors from the information itself and writing the biographical essay itself.

Of course, if you are no longer writing a biography as a student, but as a professional writer, to complete all these tasks, you first need to get permission from the person you are writing about. Because, most likely, you will want to interview him and give your work to him for evaluation. But, most likely, you have found this article in order to write a biographical essay about a famous person for your class in high school or college. Therefore, we will solve this problem here.

Start with a Biography Essay Plan

Before you undertake the research, you need to plan a biographical essay. It is clear that even if you write a book, you cannot cram everything you can find about a person into this book or into one work. Therefore, it is important to decide what you will focus on. It can be a person’s professional life, his achievements, awards, successes. Or It can be his personal, family life. An unexpected angle from which little has yet been looked at the life of this man. This may be a biographical book of his rules of life, that is, according to what principles he made decisions, how he advised others to act in various difficult situations based on his experience.

All biographies are very different, and so are biographical essays. So before you start researching, be sure to decide on a narrower topic and write a plan. You’ll save a lot of research time because you’ll be making targeted queries, and you won’t have to re-read a mountain of information that you can’t use in your work anyway. If at this point you already feel like it is too much work, a simple “write a biography for me” request will save you. Accept assistance from a professional writing service similar to WriteMyPaperHub and learn how to write a biography the way PROs do.

Do Intensive Research on a Person

You need to understand that just reading all the information about the person you want to write a biographical essay about is a sure way to not hand in your work on time. It is important to follow the plan that you made at the previous stage and select information for each path of this plan. We even advise, when you find some links, materials, enter them as links into this plan and only then start writing something and analyzing this information.

When you collect links under specific points of the plan, you will see where you have too much information, and where it is not enough. This will help balance the essay and also reduce the amount of time you spend on one item of the plan, which may not be enough for another item. When you do your research, pay attention to the most trusted sources of information and avoid the yellow pages as they write about something scandalous, unverified information and rumors.

Of course, such information always looks very beneficial even in an academic essay. But your professor may not appreciate the use of this quality of resource. Also remember that using Wikipedia is not considered correct for writing an academic paper. In the case of a biographical essay, the professor may allow it, but before doing so, please check whether Wikipedia and Wikipedia-like resources can be used.

Write an Attention-Grabbing Hook

Of course, if you’re writing a biographical essay, your professor must read it anyway, it’s his job. But it’s better if you think of him as a real reader of a real book or a real article on a quality site. So it will be easier for you to qualitatively formulate your thoughts and think about essay flow. Start with an essay hook to draw attention to the part of the person’s life that you decided to write about.

It can be some kind of quote or an interesting fact from a person’s life, it can be a mini storytelling – a story told in a maximum of two sentences. Think about what is most relevant to the topic you have chosen and be sure to use it. The essay hook in this case is like a thesis statement in any other kind of essay. Everything you write next will expose this statement in some way.

Write About their Backgrounds

Often, when we talk about a famous person, a lot of people know what he is now. Maybe this is a scientist who has received the Nobel Prize, and everyone more or less knows why. Possibly it’s a famous author who has published a new book. Or is it an actor who has won an Oscar? It is much more interesting to delve into his background, moreover, from different angles. Of course, we have already said that you must choose one topic – a profession, personal life, some life principles of a person, but you will not be able to reveal it, at least a little looking into the neighboring spheres of human life.

Therefore, it is important to write a little about the family background, and about the choice of profession, and about what else could affect a person. For example, this is a very religious person who grew up in a secular family, or this is a woman who grew up in a patriarchal society, but went to another country and got more opportunities there. Such things often determine the choice of a person, and they should definitely be mentioned in a biographical essay.

In fact, writing a biography of a famous person is interesting. You seem to dive into the life of another person, find out rare facts about him that the tabloids did not write about, and the motivation of his actions, his interests become clearer to you, and you can learn something that you will take into your life. The achievements of famous people cannot always be repeated, because we live in different countries, we have a different background, but some general principles of life can be applied to ourselves. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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