Who Will Host Season 3?The Updated Release Date for LEGO Masters Season 3


Who doesn’t like LEGO? Some people take it seriously, and it’s not simply for entertainment. The LEGO Masters competition allows brick enthusiasts to showcase their inventiveness while competing for the LEGO trophy and the title of LEGO Master.

LEGO Masters is based on the same-named UK series. For each task, the players are assisted by presenter Will Arnett and a team of expert builders. The US version of the show has now outlasted the first two seasons.

There will be joy, grief, and many wonderful LEGO creations. The following information regarding LEGO Masters season 3 is available.

The Updated Release Date for LEGO Masters Season 3

We announced earlier this year that the third season of LEGO Masters would be airing on FOX on May 31, and we have since counted down the days until the episode is made available to the public.

The plans had to be altered, unfortunately. According to collider.com, Fox has published a new teaser for the forthcoming third season of their competition series Lego Masters.

The film teases spectacular structures, more enormous stakes, and celebrity cameos, in addition to confirming the start date for the next season. On September 21, the next episode of the series will air on Fox, marking the show’s return.

Lego Masters Season 3 Release Date

Who Will Host Lego Masters Season 3?

Will Arnett, an actor, and comedian, will serve as the host of the third season of LEGO Masters. The recipient of an Emmy award has always been considered a member of the LEGO family.

Jeremy Kleiner, Pip Wells, Sharon Levy, and DJ Nurre are credited as this program’s executive producers. Alongside Pip Wells, Sharon Levy, and DJ Nurre, Jeremy Kleiner serves as an executive producer for this show.

Who Will Be the Judges for Lego Masters Season 3?

Even though the judges have yet to be revealed, it’s difficult to picture the competition season without Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett.

This team is essential for the competition due to their extensive knowledge of LEGO.

Berard has previously applied for the position of LEGOLAND’s next model maker. He has prior expertise in this field, having acted as a judge in the FIRST LEGO League World Finals in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004.

The following year, in 2005, he began working as a product manager for LEGO. Given his extensive knowledge of Lego, it seems to reason that he would be the most excellent judge for this event.

Amy Corbett is no stranger to Legos; she is their senior design manager and has worked with them for many years. We are thrilled that the two judges on this Fox smash show will stay unchanged.

Lego Masters Season 3 Release Date

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Lego Masters Season 3 Team Members

The third season will have twelve teams, each with two members. Fox has made the identities of these members public, so we’ve added them here.

  • Both Asia and Eddie are in this together
  • Emily and Dave had been dating for a long time.
  • Liam and Emily
  • Xavier and Jon
  • Brandon and Gregory
  • and Michelle, both of whom are named Christine
  • Both Stephens, please!
  • Stacey and Nick
  • Kerry and Patrick are a husband and wife team.
  • Austin and Justin are a couple of friends that
  • Drew and Miranda
  • Liz and Erin are friends

Lego Masters Season 3 Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Lego Masters Season 3?

Hulu is where you can watch Lego Masters streaming online (Free Trial)

Is Lego Masters’ Producer Brad Pitt?

Since the show’s beginning, Brad Pitt has served as an executive producer for Fox’s Lego Masters, but up to this point, he has yet to appear on the program. Pitt makes his television debut as a minifig in the season 3 teaser of the brick-building competition series, which premieres exclusively on EW (below).

How Much Do Bricklayers Make?

So, how much does a master LEGO builder earn? According to reports, the annual compensation is only $37,500. Yes, one of the world’s most exclusive positions can barely pay a decent income. So when LEGO Masters offers $100,000 to the victors — the most competent team of LEGO architects — it’s a beautiful event for these LEGO fans.

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