Migrants to Vice President: Texas Sends Two Buses of Migrants to the V.P. Palace in D.C.


According to the governor of Texas, intentionally sending two buses full of migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in the nation’s capital resulted in an early Thursday arrival that surprised volunteers who said they weren’t prepared to receive them there.

Hundreds of migrants were left on streets and grass outside the fortified U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington on Thursday morning while volunteers tried to arrange accommodations for them. Some of these refugees were carrying rubbish bags with them.

At least three Republican governors, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, have claimed credit for busing or flying migrants north this year to criticize the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Abbott stated on Thursday that his state had sent the buses to Harris’ house.

Abbott wrote, “VP Harris claims our border is “secure” and ignores a problem.” We are bringing migrants to Biden’s neighborhood to pressure her to protect the border.

Volunteers greeted two buses at Union Station on Thursday, where Abbott has been carrying refugees to Washington since April.

Buses stopped four kilometers away at the Naval Observatory on Thursday. Tatiana Laborde, managing director of SAMU First Response, stated that the organization was not alerted.

“When our crew arrived, the migrants were visibly disoriented,” Laborde told CNN late Thursday. They had no idea they were in a residential neighborhood.

Families and young men traveled on Thursday. According to Abbott’s office, the migrants came from Colombia, Cuba, Guyana, Nicaragua, and Panama. According to the volunteers, 70-80% of the migrants are from Venezuela.

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Migrants were led to a church to discuss their plans. Some volunteers are attempting to go to Chicago and New York. “We predict that around half of people aboard the bus today will depart later this afternoon,” Laborde stated.

Logistics are complex because of Texas’s “lack of involvement,” according to Laborde.
Laborde explained that we were getting them, but they were haphazardly dumped in the middle of the sidewalk this morning.

On Thursday, Abbott was chastised by the chairman of a Hispanic civil rights organization.
“They were dropped like rubbish outside the vice president’s residence.” “It’s anti-Christian, anti-Texan, anti-American, and shouldn’t be tolerated,” said Domingo Garcia, national president of LULAC, outside Harris’ house on Thursday.

Migrants to Vice President

Garcia said the volunteer organization would halt buses between Eagle Pass and Del Rio to “advise these immigrants of their legal rights before they go” by positioning people in front of autos. This promotion will begin “next week.” It was unclear if Harris was at home when the migrants arrived. She had a 2.5-mile drive to the White House.

This Month, the Mayor of Washington, Dc, Proclaimed an Immigration Emergency

After Texas began busing migrants to Washington, Arizona quickly followed suit; the two states have since sent hundreds. Abbott has expanded Texas’ campaign to include New York and Chicago. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took credit for delivering refugees to Martha’s Vineyard.

Last Monday, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public health emergency to help officials mobilize resources more quickly. She established a new government office to serve arriving migrants with meals, transportation, emergency medical care, and resettlement services.

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Bowser blasted Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for creating a “growing humanitarian disaster,” but Abbott refused to back down.

Abbott warned, “Texas will continue to send migrants to sanctuary cities like D.C.” until Biden and Harris “secure the border.” Texas’ “busing scheme” has transferred 10,000 migrants to Washington, New York, and Chicago since the spring.

Migrants to Vice President

U.S. Immigration From Venezuela is Rising

As they go through the immigration process, immigrants who have been let out of government custody are free to move around the country. Due to Venezuela’s terrible situation, many people are leaving the country and coming to the United States.

Because of problems with Venezuela, the United States won’t send these people back there. When they get to the U.S., many Venezuelan migrants ask for asylum. Volunteers noticed that two of Thursday’s travelers had health problems.

One was a diabetic whose medicine hadn’t been refrigerated in at least 40 hours, and the other had a rash likely caused by crossing the Rio Grande, the border between Texas and Mexico. In an earlier version of this article, Muriel Bowser’s last name was misspelled.

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