Blueface Vs Kane: Who Won the Blueface Vs Kane Trujillo (Neumane) Fight?


Fans anxiously anticipated Blueface vs. Kane Trujillo (Neumane). On July 23, the BKFC 19 battle finally took place, and everyone is eager to find out who won.

Recently, matches between rappers, influencers, and other celebrities have become commonplace. Keeping this in mind, Blueface’s decision to seize this opportunity was not unexpected. The conflict between the rapper and the TikTok star occurs several months after the social media battle between TikTok and YouTube.

Who Won the Blueface Vs Kane Trujillo (Neumane) Fight?

Blueface defeated Kane (Neumane). The TikTok troll began the battle aggressively and was not scared to throw blows at the musician. Blueface appeared to have the upper hand in this conflict.

blueface vs kane

As the TikTok star endured a few blows, he attempted to locate an opening to shoot. In spite of this, Naumane maintained his resolve throughout the entire fight.

The first two rounds made it appear inevitable that the rapper would be declared the winner. As the last round approached, the victor was nearly certain.

The final round concluded with Neumane attempting to land a few blows before the fight finished. However, Blueface provided few opportunities. Even though the rapper took home the victory, the young TikTok star demonstrated his commitment.

What is Currently Known About the Tiktok Star?

Kane, whose TikTok handle was formerly Neumane, amassed a significant fan base through posting humorous sketches. Now, the content creator’s handle on the platform is @kane. His videos receive millions of views and he has over 2.9 million followers on the platform.

Kane frequently utilizes TikTok to reenact specific situations. Among his most popular videos are “Me coming home after failing out of college” and “Me sprucing up my father’s flat after the divorce.”

blueface vs kane

Kane and Blueface posted a video on Twitter on June 26 confirming their upcoming match. Since then, the TikTok star has published numerous posts depicting his practice sessions.

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Rapper Speaks Out About the Battle

The rapper told everyone that he is treating the fight between Blueface and Kane seriously, despite the fact that others may view it as a humorous affair.

In an interview with TMZ, the rapper admitted he had never boxed. He stated, “I have never boxed. Since I’m a gang member, I fight a lot.”

Blueface stated, in reference to his efforts, “I’ve been eating solely grilled and baked foods recently. Yes, I am dieting and everything. I have not been smoking or drinking. The rapper recently released a song titled TikTok. The song has received thousands of views already.

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