Dean Barton Mother Unforgotten: Who Plays Mary Quinn in Unforgotten?

Mary Quinn, Dean Barton’s mother, was introduced in Episode 5 of Season 4 of Unforgotten, but who is the actress portraying her?

Over the course of its four seasons, numerous actors have joined the cast of Unforgotten. In the fourth season of the ITV series, some recognizable characters have continued to return, and episode 5 is no exception.

The fourth season’s penultimate episode introduced us to Dean Barton’s mother, Mary Quinn, but who is the woman portraying her?

Unforgotten Season 4 on ITV

The fourth season of Unforgotten will premiere on ITV on February 22, 2021, two and a half years after the series’ last appearance.

Dean Barton Mother Unforgotten

The new installment continues the tales of Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan when a decapitated, limbless body is discovered in a North London scrapyard.

The deceased is Matthew Walsh, a man who vanished thirty years ago. Sunny and Cassie, who had intended to retire, are tasked with identifying and narrowing down a list of suspects after pathologist Leanne Balcombe verifies that the body was kept frozen for the majority of that time.

Dean Barton’s Mum in Unforgotten Season 4

Mary Quinn, the mother of Dean Barton, is introduced in episode 5 of season 4 of Unforgotten.

Cassie and Sunny pay her a visit to learn more about Dean’s family and his strained relationship with his father.

Dean Barton Mother Unforgotten

Mary informs us that Dean’s family and friends shunned him after he began training to become a police officer and that he had not gone home for 30 years as a result.

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Who Plays Mary Quinn in Unforgotten?

Kate Williams portrays Mary Quinn in Unforgotten’s fourth season. Kate Williams, who turned 80 in February 2021, has been an actress since 1967 when she featured on Love Story on ITV.

According to IMDb, Kate has since performed in over 80 acting parts, the most notable of which were in Love Thy Neighbour, May to December, Family Affairs, Birds of a Feather, and EastEnders, where she portrayed Liz Turner from 2006 to 2010.

ITV concludes the fourth season of Unforgotten on Monday, March 29.

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