Ice in My Veins: Explaining the “Two Finger on Arm” Trend!


The term ‘ice in my veins’ is very popular on TikTok, but what does it mean? You may have recently encountered a large number of videos on TikTok that contain the phrase “ice in my veins.”

It is typically accompanied by an odd hand gesture, and it is perplexing everyone on TikTok. So what exactly does “ice in my veins” mean? Let’s find out.

What Does ‘ice in My Veins’ Mean?

‘Ice in my veins is a popular term on TikTok right now, and it has its origins in sports. If someone has ‘ice in their veins,’ they are essentially “cold-blooded,” and NBA players and other athletes frequently use this phrase to characterize their ability to perform under pressure.

Ice in My Veins

Typically, it refers to the closing minutes of a match when the game is on the line and you must exert all of your might and resolve to succeed, perform well, and assure victory.

It is frequently associated with a certain hand gesture. On TikTok, users frequently pair the phrase ‘ice in my veins with a weird hand motion that involves placing two fingers on the opposite arm. Typically, Mother Mother’s Hayloft plays in the background while texting displays on the screen.

NBA players frequently utilize this hand signal to indicate that they have “ice in their veins” and are nearing the finish of the game.

D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers popularised this celebration posture. On TikTok, though, the hand motion has taken on a new significance.

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Explaining the “Two Finger on Arm” Trend

The ‘ice in my veins’ gesture made popular by D’Angelo Russell is widely utilized on TikTok, however, it has taken on a different meaning than was initially intended.

Ice in My Veins

Currently, it indicates that a person is disclosing a truth or reality about themselves.

Typically, these kinds of videos consist of two clips. A TikTok user begins by sharing their life story. The video then transitions to a clip of them placing two fingers on their arm.

In conjunction with a hand motion, they typically divulge a significant fact about themselves that is displayed on the screen.

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