Tanjiro Earrings: What is the Controversy Over the Tanjiro Earing?


Demon Slayer is currently one of the most successful anime shows in the world, yet Tanjiro’s earrings have caused controversy. With the exception of Attack on Titan’s fourth and final season, Demon Slayer is possibly the most popular anime in the world.

However, when the mid-2019 debut of Demon Slater occurred, there was a slight dispute regarding the main character’s earrings. So, what was the “Tanjiro ear controversy,” and what adjustments were made to the anime as a result?

What is the Controversy Over the Tanjiro Earing?

People perceived Tanjiro’s Hanafuda card earrings as a representation of the Japanese Imperial banner when Demon Slayer first aired, causing a little controversy. In the anime, Tanjiro wears a set of Hanafuda card earrings that have been passed down through generations of his family.

Tanjiro Earrings

Hanafuda, which translates to ‘flower cards,’ is used in a traditional Japanese card game. The design of Tanjiro’s earrings, a red circle with rays stretching in an arc, is not included in the official collection of Hanafuda card designs.

This prompted many others to interpret the artwork as showing a rising sun, a symbol frequently employed by the Japanese military during its colonization of Asian countries during World War II.

The sign, which represents the historic Japanese military aggression throughout the global struggle, remains extremely controversial in many Asian nations.

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How Did the Producers Respond?

In reaction to the uproar, the makers of Demon Slayer altered the design of the earrings for specific Asian nations that aired the anime.

Tanjiro Earrings

For example, Chinese and South Korean streaming services simplified the original design of Tanjiro’s earrings to a red circle over multiple lines and a mountain.

The redesign was also implemented for official items sold in these nations.

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