Ella Travolta’s New York Fashion Week Debut is Celebrated by John Travolta!


After learning of his daughter’s success, the actor sent a heartfelt statement on social media along with a picture of his daughter attached.

Ella Bleu Travolta, the daughter of John Travolta, has been given a heartfelt shout-out across all of the actor’s various social media sites.

On Friday of this week, the young lady, who is 22 years old, made her debut on the runway, which was taking place during New York Fashion Week. The “Cara Loves Karl” capsule collection by the brand had its premiere on September 16 and was dressed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The model walked the catwalk for the collection named after Karl Lagerfeld. In the wake of that, the actor, now 68 years old, posted a heartfelt note on Instagram in which he congratulated his daughter on her accomplishments.

In addition to the post, Travolta also uploaded a picture of his daughter, who was dressed in all-black attire. In the photo, Ella looked very stunning in her all-black ensemble.


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She had such a refined appearance! Hich included a black jacket, a lace bustier, and black leggings. Another detail contributing to the overall intelligence image was the smooth and pushed-back hairstyle.

“The impact of Ella’s debut show, which took place during New York Fashion Week, has rendered us unable to find the right words. @ella.travolta,” The statement was made in the actor’s Instagram image before he tagged his daughter in the post’s caption.

The letter quickly spread throughout Travolta’s network of devoted supporters. One of your followers remarked that your work was “beautiful.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Ella Travolta

Where is Travolta Now Residing?

Englewood, a city in Bergen County, New Jersey, had a population of 29,308 at the time of the 2020 Census. The New Jersey Legislature approved an act on March 17, 1899, establishing the city of Englewood from portions of Ridgefield Township and the remaining parts of Englewood Township.

What is Said About Her Father by Ella Travolta?

I’ve always admired your father, so discovering that he’s as kind and adorable as he is brilliant and charming is a lovely surprise. You are a beautiful gem, and he (and your great mother) did an excellent job raising you.

Ella Travolta Was Born When?

Ella Bleu Travolta was born on April 3, 2000, in California, USA. She is most known for her roles in getting Lost, The Poison Rose, and Old Dogs (2009).

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