Tesla Power Bank App: How Do I Get the Tesla Power Bank Earning App?


It is another app aimed to generate revenue as part of a new online digital system. The application is a novel interface that works exceptionally effectively for those who wish to earn money online more quickly.

How Do I Get the Tesla Power Bank Earning App?

It may be downloaded easily on Android.

1. Tesla power bank Android apk download – Please visit “mobile.teslabanks.com”

  • Input your cellphone number, establish a password for the app, and then enter the OTP you receive shortly after hitting the Get button.

Tesla Power Bank App

  • Next, enter the code for human verification as indicated by the captcha.
  • Check the box to accept the privacy statement, and then click the Register tab.
  • Therefore, you can either select the login option or download the application.
  • To download the application, ensure the following format is enabled: Menu > Settings > Security > Download from unknown sources.
  • After downloading the application, you can run and install it on your mobile device.

2. Download for the iPhone

  • The Tesla Power Bank earning app is only accessible on jailbroken or rooted iOS devices.
  • After downloading the apk file, the application must be trusted.
  • After gaining confidence, the application will launch and install without difficulty on your smartphone.

How to Employ it?

Utilize it to earn as detailed below.

  • After logging in, you can easily access the Purchase option by clicking on it.
  • The Purchase option allows you to earn for two consecutive days.
  • These active green ‘Buy’ tabs can be clicked, and as soon as you do, a pop-up will appear asking if you’re sure you want to purchase the item.
  • Select the VERIFY button.
  • Your software will begin to execute on the backend.
  • Select the tab that displays the amount to be collected from the user.
  • After clicking it, you can withdraw the cash by clicking the Receive option.
  • There are various power bank options, and each pays differently; some items pay as little as Rs. 1.2 per hour, while others pay around Rs.
  • This program allows you to earn from a variety of free possibilities; but, if you want to earn more, you must invest the specified amount.
  • Withdrawals are only permitted when there are 100 rupees in the account.
  • Navigate to the ‘ME’ option in the lower right corner and click to add the bank account to which you wish to transfer the funds.
  • Click the WITHDRAW button to redeem your funds.

Tesla Power Bank Income App Genuine or Bogus?

It is a legitimate investment app where you may contribute funds, invest them, and profit from them.

Tesla Power Bank App

Tesla Power Bank allows you to make real money, but it is also a place where you may invest to earn even more.

Information Date of Release

The app was released one month ago and has been operational for an entire month.

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Owner/founder Name

The software was released in Central Hong Kong, but the owner’s identity remains unknown.


Few meaningful reviews are available on the app’s website from customers who have previously utilized the app.

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