Ayanna And Jarrett Divorce: What Happened Between Them in Love is Blind?


The second season of Love Is Blind’s engagement narrative involving Iyanna McNeely, and Jarrette Jones was not without bumps. Jarrette moved back and forth between the two potential partners before proposing to Mallory Zapata rather than Iyanna. Despite this, he was not hired.

Jarrette then went to Iyanna and stated emphatically that he did not want her to assume that she was his backup plan in any way, shape, or form (even though she was). Iyanna gave Jarrette’s proposal serious thinking before accepting it. From then on, the issue worsened. It wasn’t easy to do anything from their ship.

The situation is deteriorating despite the fact that they made it to the end of the aisle. You should be aware of the following information:

Ayanna’s Early Life

Ayanna Thompson is currently serving as a Regents Professor of English at Arizona State University, in addition to her role as Director of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

During the 2018–2019 academic years, she presided over the Shakespeare Association of America as its President. Her research focuses on the representation of racial concerns in Renaissance theatre and performance.

Jarrett’s Early Years

Jarrett Thomas Jones, a former first baseman and right fielder in the major leagues of professional baseball, was born in the United States on June 21, 1981.

His full name is Jarrett Thomas Jones. He was a Major League Baseball (MLB) player for the New York Yankees, Miami Marlins, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Minnesota Twins at various points in his career.

The Ayanna Career

As an assistant professor at George Washington University, Ayanna Thompson is responsible for teaching courses in medieval and Renaissance studies. Before this, she was the President of the Shakespeare Association of the Americas (2018–19).

ayanna and jarrett divorce

In addition to his work as a consultant and dramaturg for a wide variety of theatre companies, Thompson is currently serving as the Shakespeare Scholar in Residence at New York City’s Public Theater. She is the creator of RaceB4Race, a continuing conference series and a community for academics of color in professional positions.

Jarrett’s Career

The Atlanta Braves took Jones in the fourteenth round of the 1999 Major League Baseball Draft. He played for the Danville Braves in 2000 and 2001. He played with the Minnesota Twins from 2002 to 2007.

Jones became a free agent following the 2008 season. He signed a minor league contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2008. Jones hit ten home runs in his debut month with the team in 2009.

Jones became the sixth Pirate to hit two home runs on Opening Day. The New York Yankees acquired him from the Miami Marlins in exchange for David Phelps and Martin Prado.

In 2014, he appeared in 146 games, hitting.246 with 15 home runs and 53 RBIs. He signed a one-year contract with the Yomiuri Giants after being released by the Yankees in 2015.

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After the Show Aired, They Discussed Their Marriage Online

Iyanna has posted several pieces in recent months regarding her experiences as a married woman. The tone was also charming. Just two flawed people are attempting to make something.

She wrote the wording for an Instagram photo from April. Even though it has only been ten months, we have seen tremendous development and progress, individually and as a pair. Marriage is both a test and a reflection. My faith in it has given me a new perspective.

Then, in May, she shared a touching video commemorating Jarrette’s proposal. I adore this man and the man he is becoming into.

On this day one year ago, I took a chance and accepted his ratchet-ass proposal (he still owes me one, by the way). She was calm. From our poor beginnings in the ghetto, we have grown into mature adults who cherish others and lavish affection on them. I enjoy watching you grow. And this is just the start.

What Led to Ayanna and Jarrette’s Divorce, and Why?

Iyanna and Jarrette announced their impending divorce in an Instagram post on August 17 after dating for over a year.

ayanna and jarrett divorce

“While we are in love with one another, it’s wonderful if our lives are taking different courses,” they remarked. We regret to inform you that we have separated and will begin the divorce procedure.

They did not elaborate on their relationship, but they did declare that they will “always wish each other the very best” and that their decision was “far from straightforward.” After thanking their LIB family, the pair requested everyone’s patience as they parted ways.

“Each of you has provided us tremendous love and delight.” This experience has taught us much about ourselves, our vulnerability, and our love. The post went on. “We are not even sorry,”

What Happened Between Iyanna and Jarrette in Love is Blind?

Iyanna and Jarrette initially enjoyed their time in Mexico. They seemed to be in love and getting along nicely. Jarrette had no objections to Iyanna’s intention to postpone having sexual relations until after their marriage was finalized.

When Jarrette and Mallory finally spoke face to face, though, something looked odd. And it was clear that they were still madly in love. It makes sense that Mallory continued to be a challenge for these two throughout the season.

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