TSAR App: How to Register for TSAR 2020-2021?


Teacher’s data entry 2021 web application for self-assessment (TSAR). Every instructor is required to conduct a self-evaluation annually, ideally in the first quarter.

To take this course, the instructor must register in the web application with his or her Gmail address and employee identification number. For the complete Tsar registration procedure, read the post to its conclusion.

Download the Tsar Android App

The Tsar (Teachers self-assessment rubric) application functions flawlessly through the website’s interface. Android devices do not need to download the application. However, if you wish to utilize the application on Android as an application, you must install it as an application.


Visit any third-party store that offers the.apk file.

Ensure that the option to download from unknown sources is selected in Menu > Settings > Security.

Launch the application and install it. However, there is no need to download the program because you may register and use the web application site by visiting Home – TSAR.

How to Utilize the Tsar App?

  • After registering, log in to the Tsar (Teachers self-assessment rubric) application using your Gmail ID and employee ID.
  • On the Tsar app site, the teacher’s profile would be created after completing the registration process.
  • Tsar is based on six performance standards and guides teachers in conducting daily self-evaluations of their teaching skills.

How to Register for Tsar 2020-2021?

Step 1: Click here to Register with TSAR

Step 2: Now, enter Your EMAIL ADDRESS Then, enter the same EMAIL ID into the second block. (Note:- Make sure you input your functional email id)

Step 3: Enter your EMPLOYEE ID number.


Step 4: Create a new password with a symbol (such as @#$%! ), a capital letter, and a number.

Step 5: Type the same password again in the following field. In addition, click the Register button.

That’s all.

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The software allows teachers to assess learning experience design, subject matter knowledge, comprehension, facilitation of learning methodologies, school and professional growth, and interpersonal relationship building.

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