Toys for Tots Application Status: How Do I Submit a Toys for Tots Application in 2021?


During the pandemic, as adults scramble to stock up on necessities, children feel neglected and impoverished. However, if you keep an open eye out for organizations that have stepped forward to donate funding for children’s holiday entertainment, you may find some.

Toys for Tots is one such organization where one can request a toy. The application must be completed on the Toys for Tots website.

Toy Factory’s office is located at 5101 Ashley Phosphate Road (Suite 149) in the Festival Centre near Ashley Phosphate Rd. and Dorchester Rd. Applicants may also submit their applications in person.

It is offered Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

How Do I Submit a Toys for Tots Application in 2021?

After visiting their website, the following actions can be taken to request a toy.

  • To request a toy from the internet, click the tab in the upper area of the screen.
  • A message is posted on the page for individuals who desire new toys for Christmas. Click the icon to request toys for the holidays.

Toys for Tots Application Status

  • Choose your state and city on the website for the local campaign.
  • You will be connected to the Toys for Tots page for your location.
  • Click the tab on this new page to request a toy.
  • In addition to sending an email, calling, or texting your area coordinator, you can also fill out a form.
  • Include your name, phone number, address, and the number and gender of your children.
  • If a non-profit organization, you must submit a new form.
  • Before shipping you the desired toys, your address and other details will be verified through a phone call.

How to Register for Toys for Tots in 2021?

Click on the tab labeled “Apply for Toys” in the upper left corner of the website. Once the application process opens on October 15, 2015, individuals can easily apply by enrolling on the website.

The registration procedure needs you to provide your email address, name, and password.

Application Requirements

The manual application requires parents to present their driver’s license and birth certificate to demonstrate that the children receiving the gifts are under the age of 12 years.

Additionally, they may provide their passports, insurance information, tax documents, and DSS paperwork.

How to Verify the Progress of a Toy for Tots Application?

  • To view the progress of your Toys for Tots application, you must visit the website.
  • Click on the linked link if you have filled out the local Toys for Tots application.
  • Individuals must provide the surname of the application’s contact person.
  • Add the application’s control number or the email address that was provided.
  • To view the details of your toy, click the lookup tab.

Toys for Tots Application Status

  • Using the provided URL, agencies that have completed the application can determine their local status. Add the information listed in the preceding paragraph to determine the application’s status.

When Will Toys for Tots Begin in 2021?

Registration and distribution commence on October 15th.

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Deadline for Toys for Tots Applications?

The application deadline for Toys for Tots is November 23, 2021.


Try this organization if you want to buy a toy for your child but lack the funds. The application process’s steps and other data are listed here for your reference.

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