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The latest version of the Tracker for WhatsApp usage analysis Download.

The App usage analysis and tracker is an internet tool for monitoring and tracking WhatsApp and other Android applications. It was created by a business called WatzTracker and has recently gained a great deal of popularity among smartphone users.

The “App usage analysis” program is simple to use, yet highly functional and potent in terms of device/application control. Even though it is available for free on the Google Play Store, a membership is required to access the tracking features.

Recently, www.hunbrain.com released a story on this program, which increased its notoriety. Numerous individuals additionally look for “WhatsApp tracker hunbrain”

The “Hunbrain App usage analysis” offers consumers a one-day free trial, followed by a variety of weekly, monthly, and annual subscription packages.

The subscription options are relatively reasonable. Their monitoring and tracking advantages give users excellent value. After the free trial, users can purchase the membership within the app. This application’s purchasing mechanism is completely secure and fraud-free.

Download the Newest Tracker for the Whatsapp Version

The 1.2 version of “Tracker for WhatsApp” is freely available and optimized for all Android smartphones running 4.4 or later.

www hunbrain com

Before downloading this software from www.hunbrain.com, the user must ensure that their Android device has at least 2 MB of free space. The in-app purchases available within “WhatsApp Tracker” range from 260 INR to 1861 INR and offer a variety of perks and features.

App Usage Analysis

This Android application offers its users numerous advantages. A user with an active subscription can track three distinct WhatsApp numbers per session.

www hunbrain com

One can track the last seen, daily WhatsApp usage hours, data, and statistics for the previous week/month, as well as a great deal more, of their friends and family.

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Tracker for WhatsApp and Additional Android Applications

Not only does the “WhatsApp tracker” track the usage history for WhatsApp, but also for a variety of other Android programs that we use on a daily basis.

One can track their frequent usage of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, gaming applications, music and video apps, and photography apps, among others. The App usage analysis gives real-time alerts regarding the usage analysis.

In addition to costly subscriptions, the Whatsapp usage analysis tracker requires a constant and uninterrupted internet connection to monitor app activity.

Without a reliable internet connection, the program could not track the user’s location or offer any data. In addition, with the App tracker and usage analysis hunbrain, one may establish a time limit or time-reminder and receive alerts for extended and excessive use.

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