Caller Skull: Can I Download Movies and Television Series With the Caller Skull Apk?


If you enjoy watching free movies and television shows, you should download the “Caller skull movie app.” Today, everyone desires to view movies and web series or television shows for free.

In actuality, no one desires to pay for something if it can be obtained for free. Therefore, the caller skull is an application that offers Hollywood and Bollywood content.

The Caller Skull app is not currently available for iPhone, iOS, Mac, laptop, or desktop users. Learn how to install and use the application on a desktop or laptop computer by reading on it.

App Details

App Name Caller Skull
Size 15.12 MB
Reviews Positive
Ratings 4.4 stars


Due to the absence of irritating pop-up advertisements, the program has received numerous excellent user reviews. The app is loaded with outstanding features and information. You can download movies and television series for later viewing, as well as view them online.

Caller Skull

Due to the app’s content being in violation of Google’s policies, the Caller Skull app has been removed from the Android Play Store. However, you may still download the app’s APK version from our website. Additionally, the app requires an Android version greater than 4.4 to function properly.

Download Caller skull Movie App apk

The Caller skull movie app is only accessible for Android users to download. However, if you wish to use the application on your computer, you must install an Android emulator.

After installing the emulator, launch it and search for the application you wish to install. After installation is complete, use the application and enjoy it.

What Does the App Offer?

In the app, you can watch the latest and greatest films, web series, web shows, and short films in high HD. Therefore, this application offers its customers a comprehensive dosage of enjoyment.

Prior to this, consumers had to look for the newest movies all over the Internet and still had difficulty obtaining them. But with Caller skull, you can now experience all of them in one location.

Can I Download Movies and Television Series with the Caller Skull Apk?

Yes, you can easily download Caller Skull videos by clicking the download button. This will allow you to store the movie in the storage on your phone. This allows you to share the downloaded movie with friends and family.

Caller Skull is Safe or Not?

The application is reportedly safe and secure to use.

Caller Skull

However, as it is a third-party application, use it at your own risk.

What Nation is the Caller Skull Movie App Available in?

There is no information regarding the app’s country of origin, but given the app’s content is available in Hindi, we can assume that it is Indian.

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How Do I View Movies on My PC Using the Caller Skull Application?

I have previously provided the solution in the previous section. However, if you continue to experience difficulties, I recommend downloading the movies and web series on your mobile device. Then, copy them to your PC or Mac and watch them there.

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