How to Unlock Google Pay? How Can I Reset My Google Pay Password?


Google Pay has been the payment method of choice for many Americans. To safeguard your account, you could choose any of the following methods: PIN, fingerprint, password, or pattern format.

Under typical circumstances, if your Google Pay is locked, you may want to know how to unlock it. In this discussion, we will outline the steps necessary to lock and unlock your account.

You can easily link your Google Touch ID to your Google PIN for the iPhone.

The Google PIN is always distinct from the UPI PIN and even the device-unlocking PIN. When you use your fingerprint, the application is unaware. The fingerprint data is not shared with the application.

How Can I Reset My Google Pay Password?

Google Pay unlocking is possible till the PIN is recalled. If you have forgotten your Google Pay screen lock, please follow the steps below to reset it.

How to Unlock Google Pay?

  • If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you must select the Forgot PIN option.
  • To add your Gmail password, click.
  • Now, select the login option.
  • When you select the Create PIN option, you will be offered the ability to input a new PIN.
  • Use your new PIN to log into your Google Pay account.


How Can Google Pay Be Unlocked?

If your Google pay is locked, you must unlock it.

If you’re wondering how here’s how:

How to Unlock Google Pay?

  • Launch Google Pay on an Android device.
  • Click your photo, followed by the Security tab.
  • Use Google PIN if desired
  • Click the Forgot PIN link.
  • Set your PIN as instructed in the preceding section.

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Why is My Google Pay Account Restricted?

After logging into one device, you would be automatically logged out of all other devices. On your other accounts, the notification “account used on another device” will appear.

This is nearly always the most obvious and prevalent reason for locking your smartphone.

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