Salon-centric Credit Card Login: What Are the Interest Rate and Late Payment Fees?


The Salon Centric credit card is an exceptionally helpful retail card. Numerous advantages are available if you are interested in operating a professional salon or purchasing salon products for grooming. With a Salon focused card, you can receive incredible discounts and perks.

People have numerous inquiries regarding the application procedure. If you wish to learn about the advantages and application procedure, please continue reading the article.

How to Login With a Salon-centric Credit Card?

Here are some easy actions you must take to log in to your Salon Centric credit card account:

Step 1: Visit the official Salon Centric credit card website, or click on the login icon above.

Salon-centric Credit Card Login
Step 2: Click the “Sign In” button located in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Complete the appropriate fields with your username and password. You have now successfully completed the process of logging in.

How Can I Pay My Salon-specific Credit Card Bill?

You can quickly make payments utilizing the official website of Salon-centric credit cards or by visiting a nearby store that accepts these cards.

If you have any additional questions regarding your Due date and payment concerns, please check the “Help” section on the homepage of Salon-centric credit cards, or click here for the answer you were seeking.

What Are the Interest Rate and Late Payment Fees?

You will be charged late penalties based on a number of variables, including the length of your delay, the status of your credit card, and other comparable considerations. You should contact the bank directly in order to understand the late fee and interest rates.

There is no indication of interest rates on the websites of salon-centric credit cards. However, this card’s interest rate and late fees should be comparable to those of other credit cards. Even this card’s APR is close to 29%.

Customer Support Telephone Number

Credit card service is only accessible through their website; they do not offer a phone number.

Salon-centric Credit Card Login

However, given we know that Comenity Capital Bank issues Salon cards, you should contact the bank at 1-855-823-7001 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1919).

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What is the Mailing Address for Payment?

However, you can contact them using Comenity capital bank. Therefore, you can send letters to the Comenity bank on:

  • The Compass Capital Bank
  • PO Box 183003
  • 43218 Columbus, Ohio

What is the Phone Number for Payment?

Call Comenity Capital bank for instructions on how to pay your bills over the phone. 1-855-823-7001 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918) is the official number of Comenity Capital bank.

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