Thief Guard App: How to Use Bangladesh’s Thief Guard App?


Bangladesh’s Thief Guard Mobile App would safeguard mobile devices. This application allows users to rapidly identify the location and photograph of a thief.

When the application is installed on the user’s mobile device, the thief is unable to turn off the device after committing the theft. It cannot be flushed or controlled in any way by the thief, but the app will allow you to have exclusive control.

Thief Guard Offers to Serve as the User’s Third Eye

Users can configure the Thief Guard motorbike alarm system, Thief Guard mobile security system, and Thief Guard app apk download via the app.

Thief Guard App

The application is presently only available in Bangladesh and would require some time to deploy in other countries. The application is available for one year from the date of purchase after a one-year free trial period.

Among the Application’s Many Excellent Features


  • – Selfie of the intruder
  • – Shut down the halting option
  • – Stop system connection
  • – Alarms to prevent pocket theft
  • – Option for a silent camera image
  • – Ring and GPS configuration
  • – Notifications for motion
  • – Charger unplugging option
  • – Passive location alerts for locating the phone.
  • – Locking the device option and enabling SIM card security.

How to Use Bangladesh’s Thief Guard App?

Follow the steps below to utilize the Thief Guard application:

– After installation, launch the Thief Guard application and update its user data.

– Once the information has been updated, users must log in with their cellphone number and password.

– Grant all permissions necessary for the app to run in its entirety.

Thief Guard App

– Within the application, activate the features that may be useful to you. Similar to the possibility of taking an intruder selfie to obtain the thief’s image and address. Additionally, you may wish to configure how you would like to be notified of a stolen phone – via SMS or email. You can also opt for both SMS and email delivery.

– If you encounter a problem, you can contact the Support team via phone or email, or on the website.

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How Can I Obtain Thief Guard App Apk for Free?

Follow the instructions below to obtain the Thief Guard App apk for free.

– Navigate to and then download and install the application.
– The activation code is included in the Product Manual. After installing the application, users must scratch off the activation code from the product manual. Enter the activation code to confirm the app’s installation.
– To download the application from the website, you may be required to grant specific permissions.
– Permit access to the app for third parties.
– If in doubt, navigate to your system’s Settings.
– To download apps from sources other than the Google Play store, select Unknown sources from the Security tab of Settings.

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