Overlord Season 5 Release Date: Has the Show Been Finally Renewed?


Overlord is a Japanese anime TV show based on the light novel series by Kugane Maruyama and so-bin. The mental hospital made the TV show and was directed by Naoyuki It. From July 7 to September 29, 2015, AT-X aired Overlord in Japan. Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, and BS11 also showed it.

The show’s story is about an online role-playing game whose servers crash for good, leaving only one player still logged in as his scary lich character, who fights to keep the fragile balance between the world races.

Also, MBS was in charge of the second Season. The second season aired fit was from January 10 to April 4, 2018. The third season of 2018 aired on TV from July 11 to October 2.

On May 8 of the year before, it was announced that there would be a fourth season and an anime movie. The movie would cover the Holy Kingdom Arc of the show.

From what I can tell, the fourth Season ran from July 5, 2022, to September 27, 2022. Reports say the cast and crew all returned to play their roles again for the fourth Season.

Here is everything we know about the show’s renewal for a fifth season and its start date.

Premiere of Overlord Season 5

At this time, no formal confirmation has been made regarding the fifth Season of Overlord. If that occurs, you may expect an update on our website.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

An Overview of Overlord Season 5

Please make sure that you have read the introductory material that can be found below before continuing with this topic. There is a chance that it will be of assistance to you.

Season Overlord
No. of Seasons 4
Writer Kugane Maruyama
Director Naoyuki Itô
Production Mental hospital
Producer Minoru Ashina
Country of Origin Japan
Available Languages Japanese, English
Release Date of Season 5 Not Yet Confirmed

When Will Overlord Season 5 Release?

The show Overlord fans demand that it be renewed for a fifth season even though it is almost finished with its fourth Season.

On the other hand, there have been no recent official updates surrounding the question of whether or not Overlord would be renewed for a fifth season.

To determine whether or not the program will be continued, we will have to wait till it is renewed. The launch of the fifth Season of the television series Overlord is believed to occur sometime in 2023.

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What Will the Overlord Anime’s Story Be Like?

In the Overload seasons, you can find out what it’s like to be stuck in a fantasy world. Users who like video games will enjoy this series. After he quit his job as an MMORPG player, the Hero got stuck in the game. He spent so much time playing the Yggdrasil MMO virtual reality game that it took over his life.

The whole story is about how Momonga and his friends try to keep the virtual world from hurting the real world. The character of Momonga is one of the most interesting. As we saw in the last season, Anise, who is Momonga in real life, becomes more critical in the virtual game.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

He wants to rule the virtual universe, so he plans to set up his empire there and learn many different skills. In Season 5 of Overlord, we’ll find out if Anise will use his vast potential to become a terrible lousy guy or if he’ll use it to become a good person for other people.

Who Be Will in Overlord Season 5?

Though not many facts about the season 5 cast are known, we have attempted to gather as much information as possible. Let’s take a look at the Overlord season 5 form.

  • Satoshi Hino will play Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Yumi Hara will play Albedo.
  • Sumire Uesaka will play the character of Shaltear Bloodfallen.
  • Kenta Miyake will play Guardian Cocytus.
  • Emiri Kato will play Aura.
  • Yumi Uchiyama will play Mare.
  • Masayuki Katou will play the character of Demiurge.

We’ll let you know if there are any new characters in the most recent season. Please save our website for future updates.

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Where Can You Watch Overlord?

You can watch this series on Funimation Subscriptions, where you can view the previous and upcoming episodes. On various internet platforms, viewers may access their favorite films and television programs whenever and wherever they want.

We must confirm whether we can watch it because the accessibility of this drama series on online platforms differs by location.

Will There Be Any New Information About the Overlord Season 5 Trailer?

The fifth season of Overlord has no trailer as of yet. However, be sure to return frequently as we will keep you informed of any new details about the forthcoming Season.

If it is accessible, you will see it on our page. The Season 1 trailer is accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Powerful in Overlord?

Rubedo. The best of the four close combat NPCs is Rubedo (Cocytus, Albedo, Sebas Tian). Rubedo is the most vital NPC in Nazarick. With full gear and Touch Me, he can beat Ainz Ooal Gown.

Why Does Albedo Turn Against Ainz?

Ainz didn’t know that Albedo had set up a death brigade whose only goal was to find and kill the other Supreme Beings. She did this for Ainz’s sake and to get back at the people who had left them all to die.

Who in Overlord is the Strongest?

Regret Bers Kauraru, one of the Thirteen Heroes, regards him as the most vital being on the planet.

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