Why Was Sharon Fired From the Talk? Star Criticises Cbs for Arbitrarily Cancelling Show!


In a new documentary series about why she was fired from “The Talk” last year, Sharon Osbourne criticized her former employer, CBS.

The four-part Fox Nation documentary series with TV star Sharon Osbourne started on Monday. In the first episode of “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back,” she talks about how an on-air fight with Sheryl Underwood put her “in the crosshairs of the cancel culture movement.”

After vigorously defending offensive comments made by her friend Piers Morgan, her co-host said on air that she was unconsciously racist.

The tense conversation started because of the argument, which lasted for over half of the show. The day before, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he had said that Meghan Markle was making up claims that members of the British royal family were racist.

According to Sharon Osbourne, She Was Ambushed

Ozzy Osbourne was on Fox & Friends Weekends in the days before his return to US television. At that point, her co-host Pete Hegseth asked if she thought Morgan’s topic was an “ambush.”

Why Was Sharon Fired From the Talk

She said, “Of course, it was,” and said, “I was this lamb that was killed that morning.” She said, “I didn’t want that to be the end of my career, and I thought it was unfair.” “I’ve been working in this field for more than 50 years, actually 55,” she added.

She keeps saying that Morgan’s comments about Markle had nothing to do with race and were based on how well she knows the duchess. “I’m not racist.

Osbourne says, “He’s not racist, but since he said something about a person of mixed race… I told him, “Anything has nothing to do with that.” He has been friends with Meghan for a long time, and he can talk about the subject with authority.

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Now That She Has Lost All Credibility, Osbourne Only Has “Her Truth.”

After the on-air fireworks, a former co-host of the show named Elaine Welteroth, who is no longer with the show, and her hairstylist filed complaints that there was a “racially inappropriate and hostile climate” on the set.

Because of this, the network decided to put the show on hold so that they could do an investigation within the company.

While the investigation was going on, Leah Remini, a co-host on Season 1 of “The Talk,” said that Sharon Osbourne had used offensive language toward two other former co-hosts, Sara Gilbert, a lesbian, and Chen, who is of Chinese descent. Remini said that the comments came from Osbourne.

The internal investigation found that one’s actions “did not match CBS’s ideals for a respectful workplace.” This decision was made after it was found that the research was done.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, the TV star said that she lost all credibility after that. She still has strong feelings about what happened, as shown by the middle finger salute she gave during the interview.

She said, “Let’s be honest: They completely ruined my reputation in the United States.” She says that right now, all she has is “her truth.”

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