Alexandra Cooper Net Worth: What Exactly Was the Contract Controversy?


Hi guys! I hope you all are well. Today, we’ll talk about Alex Cooper, whose real name is Alexandra Cooper. Alex Cooper first became well-known when she started co-hosting the podcast “Call Her Daddy,” which ran from 2018 to 2020.

After getting into an argument with the other host, Sofia left the show and started a new podcast called “Sofia with an F.” After Alex finished making Call Her Daddy in June 2021, he signed an exclusive contract with Spotify that paid him a total of $60 million over three years.

As the show host, Alex Cooper is guaranteed a salary of at least $20 million per year from Spotify, according to the terms of the agreement. She might get more money if she hits a certain number of download milestones during the period.

Name Alexandra Cooper
Date Of Birth August 21 August 2 1t 1 21
Gender Female
Profession Podcaster
Place Of Birth Newtown, Pennsylvania
Net Worth $25 Million

Alex Cooper Early Life

Alexandra Cooper came into the world on August 21, 21n, in Newtown, Pennsylvania. She started working as an on-air studio anchor for Dirty Water Media in 2016.

Cooper was a big deal on the soccer field at Boston University. In 2014, the team won the Patriot League championship.

Alexandra Cooper's Net Worth

Call Alexandra Cooper co-hosted her Daddy.

Alexandra Cooper rose to the top of the entertainment business after she co-hosted the podcast “Call Her Daddy” with radio host Sofia Franklyn.

The podcast gained a following on the network of podcasts that Barstool Sports put together. In 2018, the show first aired on the web that Barstool owns and runs.

During a specific time frame, many people listened to the podcast. In the middle of the year 2020, Sofia left the show because she and Alex were fighting over a contract that they had made with Barstool.

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What Exactly Was the Contract Controversy?

After Sofia/Alexandra and Barstool had been in a standoff for a few weeks, the NY Post said in May 2020 that the two planned to leave Barstool.

The NY Post says that the girls worked for a company that paid each $75,000 a year at the time of the war. Also, they could each get $2,500 if an episode brings in 10 percent more viewers than usual for the show.

Franklyn and Cooper protested at the beginning of April 2020 by stopping recording episodes for a while. Peter Nelson, who works for HBO and is Sofia’s boyfriend, is said to have negotiated a new contract for the two at a different company, even though their first contract still bound them.

The creator of Barstool, David Portnoy, said that he had given the two new contracts with high six-figure salaries and a way to get back their intellectual property.

A source who talked to the Post said that Franklyn wasn’t interested in the offer, but Cooper did seem to be. Sofia left the show in the end to start her podcast, “Sofia with an F.”


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Alex Cooper Spotify Deal

Alexandra signed an exclusive deal with Spotify in June 2021, after she had already been taken off Barstool. It was said to be worth up to $60 million throughout the deal’s life.

What is Alexandra Cooper’s Net Worth?

According to celebritynetworth, the American podcaster Alexandra Cooper has a net worth of around $25 million. Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn co-hosted the podcast “Call Her Daddy” from 2018 to 2020. This is why Alex Cooper first became known across the country.

After fighting with the other cast members, Sofia decided to leave the show and start her podcast, which she called “Sofia with an F.” Alex kept making the show Call Her Daddy. In June 2021, he signed an exclusive deal with Spotify for the show worth $60 million over three years.

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The agreement between Spotify and the company says that Alex Cooper will make at least $20 million annually to host the show. She could get more money if she hits specific download goals during the promotion.

Alexandra Cooper’s Personal Life

At one point, Alexandra Cooper and Noah Syndergaard had feelings for each other. Noah Syndergaard was a baseball pitcher in the Major League.

In recent months, rumors have spread that she is dating podcaster and producer Matt Kaplan.

Alexandra Cooper's Net Worth

Who is Alexandra Cooper’s Boyfriend?

This has often made her fans and followers wonder who Alex Cooper’s boyfriend or girlfriend is.

People know that the person she calls “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” is the film producer Matt Kaplan, even though she calls him “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.” Even though she calls herself that, this is still true.

Alexandra Cooper Real Estate

Alex was said to have purchased a mansion in Studio City, California, for less than $11 million in June 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Alex Cooper Become Well-known?

90s baby. Call Alexandra Cooper is the host of Her Daddy. Before getting into trouble with Barstool Sports and TikTok influencers, the now 26-year-old used to live in a small town. Alex was born on August 21, 1994, in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Is Alex Cooper Still Associated With Barstool Sports?

Call her as rich as dirt. Alex Cooper’s wildly famous sex-talk podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” has 2.3 million subscribers and a $60 million deal with Spotify, nearly two years after she split from Barstool Sports and her business partner.

Why Did Alex and Sofia Have a Falling Out?

Nicki Swift says that Sofia told Alex to talk to business leaders behind her back to get more control over the podcast without consulting her. She said these things in a sad Instagram video to her fans and followers.

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