My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date: Plot, Where Can I Stream My Happy Marriage?

Another anime series that will feature notions of love and warmth will be “My Happy Marriage,” also referred to as “Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon” in the original Japanese. It is based on Cinderalla’s concept (more probable), and the surrounding Japanese atmosphere is certain to give the viewers a feeling that they won’t anticipate.

It does not have gigantic pumpkins or fairy godmothers, but it does have an evil stepmother. No, it does not have fairy godmothers or giant pumpkins. A reason compelling enough to propel our main female character on in her pursuit of a happier and more fulfilling life.

This upcoming anime will undoubtedly inspire you to look for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and melt your heart, even if you aren’t someone who believes in love or even has the slightest notion of what it might be.

The My Happy Marriage light novel series is a Japanese light novel series that was confirmed to be adapted into an anime series at the beginning of the spring. The series was written by Akumi Agitogi and drawn by Tsukiho Tsukioka. It has been more than three months since the initial announcement of the series was made.

As of right now, this. It should come as no surprise that fans are eager for information regarding the release date of the My Happy Marriage anime. Has the Studio or the crew in charge of the anime provided any recent updates or fresh information? Allow us to take you through the latest developments to the My Happy Marriage anime adaptation.

My Happy Marriage Season 1 Overview

Name of the Season My Happy Marriage
Season Number Season 1
Genre Fantasy
My Happy Marriage Season 1 Release Date 2022
My Happy Marriage Season 1 Characters Ami Sato and Takahito Onishi

Release Date of My Happy Marriage Anime

The announcement that My Happy Marriage would be adapted into an anime was made on April 5th, 2022, as was mentioned in the introduction. Kinema Citrus, best known for its work on Made in Abyss, is the studio that is producing the anime, and Takehiro Kubota will be the director of the project.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

In addition, Ami Satou, Takahito Ounishi, and Momoka Toyoda will be responsible for authoring the screenplays for the series, while Takao Abo will be in charge of the storyboard for the series. Character designs will be handled by Shouko Yasuda, and Evan Call will be responsible for the score.

On the release date of the My Happy Marriage anime, there has been no announcement made regarding a release date. Even three months after the initial announcement of the anime, the Studio or any important employee has not provided any updates.

However, those who have been following the story might anticipate that the anime will be broadcast sometime between the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023. We will publish a new post or update this page as soon as we have any fresh information regarding the release date.

The Performers in My Happy Marriage

Takehiro Kubota will direct the film, which will feature character designs by Shoko Yasuda and musical compositions by Evan Call. Additionally, Takehiro Kubota will helm the picture.

The remaining cast and crew of the anime are as follows:

  • Takao Abo is a Japanese actor (Supervision and storyboards)
  • Ami Sato is an actress from Japan (Scriptwriter)
  • Takahito Onishi is an actor and filmmaker from Japan (Scriptwriter)
  • Momoka Toyoda (Scriptwriter)


  • Miyo Saimori portrayed Reina Ueda’s voice.
  • Kiyoka Kudou portrayed the voice of Kaito Ishikawa.

The Plot of My Happy Marriage Anime

Since its inception, audiences have been swooning over this beautiful tale. The manga has effectively captured the story’s beauty. It is about Miyo Saimori, a girl who is incapable of inheriting her family’s powers, and whose life is, therefore, a struggle. Due to her inability to realize her potential, she was perpetually miserable.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

However, things changed when her family began to explore Kiyoka Kudo as a potential spouse. Now, Kiyoka is not the best candidate for marriage. In fact, he can be classified as extremely dangerous.

However, following their marriage, Kiyoka evolves and reveals a previously unknown aspect of himself. Thus, the narrative is about how love can transform everything. And this series will reveal the outcome of their relationship.

My Happy Anime has a positive tone. It emphasizes life’s simplicity, and many viewers will be able to relate to the plot. The author has no current plans to discontinue her popular manga. Therefore, when more volumes are available for fans, new anime seasons will be produced.

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Where Can I Stream My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage has not yet been released, however, it may be accessible on Crunchyroll following its release. It is also available on Anime-Planet.

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