Is Zopnow Safe? Review of the ZopNow App (Real or Fake)


Zopnow Authentic or Fake: Nobody is able to shop physically in the present day. Everyone’s lives have become hectic, leaving online resources as the only remaining choice. However, swift service, fresh alternatives, and excellent quality at a reasonable price are difficult to find on the market.

However, some stores are still doing well. The app ZopNow is one of them. It is the country’s largest online hypermarket, serving major cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bangalore, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Indore.

What is the App ZopNow?

It is an online grocery store that connects hypermarkets in 29 cities around the country, with locations in some of the country’s most populous cities.

Is Zopnow Safe?

Zopnow guarantees that fresh groceries will be delivered within three hours of ordering. It is headquartered in Bengaluru Karnataka. They are freshly gathered and delivered, regardless of whether they are fast food, fresh service, or fresh food and veggies. Customers want to know whether or not zopnow is authentic, so continue reading to learn every detail about this store.

Zopnow Founder Mukesh Singh
Owner Mukesh Singh (Former)
Current Owner Not known
Zopnow Website
Founded on 2011
Contact Number  02261502422
Zopnow FAQ

How Can I Install and Download the ZopNow app?

The Google Playstore supports ZopNow retail private limited. Simply install the application from the Google Playstore. Because ZopNow is an internet platform, the question of whether it is closed or open is irrelevant.

zopnow app genuine or fraudulent

Additionally, you must download the apk from one of the third-party app stores in order to install the program on your MacBook and Windows PC. To install the application on your computer, you must now drag and drop it using an emulator.

Alternatively, you can link your Google account to the emulator and download the app directly from the Play Store.

How Can I Register and Place an Order on ZopNow?

To register and purchase from the ZopNow app store, please follow the steps below:

  • Sign up on the home page. Enter your active Email address, First and Last name, and Create a password. Open the new email received by the Zopnow in your Gmail inbox to verify your email address.
  • zopnow’s telephone number
  • After registering, you must log into your account.
  • Specify your delivery location further.
  • Find the goods you wish to add to your shopping cart.
  • Enter and confirm your payment information.

Review of the ZopNow app (Real or Fake)

The ZopNow app has received poor ratings. The site defrauds a large number of customers by failing to ship their purchases. Customers who placed an order did not receive the delivery. The website receives both positive and negative feedback. However, the majority of them are unfavorable.

Is Zopnow Safe?

This website cannot be entirely trusted. Additionally, many have stated that the Zopnow customer service mechanism is ineffective. In conclusion, we do not recommend ordering anything from this fraudulent Zopnow website.

Order the items only if cash on delivery (COD) is available. Like it is accessible on OrderMe Patanjali online store. All Patanjali items can be purchased via their online store.

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Is ZopNow Real or a Hoax?

The app’s headquarters are located in the Indian city of Bengaluru. It is a legitimate app, but only a select few have benefited from it.

Therefore, the app is 100% genuine.

Is the App ZopNow Safe?

It is safe to use ZopNow. It offers a straightforward web portal that opens immediately upon entering

ZopNow App Provides

With the ZopNow mobile app, you may access various deals directly from the website.

Check the site’s area for the finest prices and offers to learn more about the daily deals.

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