iOSelectra Jailbreak iOS 14: How Do I Obtain the iOS Electra app?


About Cool Star created iOSElectra as a jailbreaking tool for iOS 11.0 to 14. x.x. During its beta phase, it was inaccessible to many people, but it is now available to all users.

It can now be used by regular jailbreak users to jailbreak devices of their choosing.

How Do I Obtain the iOS Electra app?

Download the iOSElectra jailbreak application.
Follow the steps below to download the Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.4 / iOS 11.4.1;

iOSelectra Jailbreak iOS 14
Follow this link to download iOS Electra jailbreak IPA files.

– Next, download the Cydia impactor for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS from the link provided.

– Connect your device to your computer via a USB cord and then transfer the IPA files.

– As soon as you launch the Cydia impactor on your Apple iOS device, it will immediately identify it.

– Simply drag the IPA files onto the Cydia Impactor User Interface (UI).

Additionally, you must enter your Apple ID and password into the Cydia impactor, which will serve as your signature for IPA files.

– Now navigate to General > Device Management > Trust the Source to verify the profile linked with your Electra download.

– Launch the Electra app and select the Jailbreak button to begin jailbreaking the smartphone.

– Enable the tweaks option prior to jailbreaking your device so that you can get altered applications whenever and wherever they are applicable to your system. You can also try Odyssey jailbreak as an alternative to ioselectra. jailbreak ios


Below are the advantages of utilizing the iOS Electra application:

  • iOSElectra jailbreak is compatible with all iOS 11.4 to 11.4.1 devices and all iOS Electra versions from 12.3.1 to 14. x.x. Simply verify that you obtain the most recent IPA files.
  • The Electra jailbreak with Cydia provides a dual package manager for jailbreaking.
  • Since Cydia is not an open-source platform, Electra utilizes Substitute as its partner for tweak injections, which is a huge help.

iOSelectra Jailbreak iOS 14

  • It is exceptionally stable with later upgrades.
  • iOS Electra is essential for jailbreaking Apple TV more than anything else.


The worst disadvantage of utilizing the iOS Electra software is that jailbreaking expires every week with a standard Apple ID. If you wish to prevent it, a premium developer account is required.

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Is Legit?

Jailbreaking iOS devices with iOS Electra is fully legal.

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