Octosniff: How Can I Obtain Octosniff for Free?


Octosniff IP Sniffer is a highly effective hacking tool for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is compatible with the iPhone, Mac, and all other devices, including gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Octosniff PS4 free, and Octosniff PS4 IP.

It grants you control over your network and permits you to monitor the packets in circulation. The very efficient and sophisticated algorithm is utilized to extract essential information regarding the location of packets that visit the system, including the cause of their visit.


The network research tool Octosniff IP sniffer features a one-time payment module and can be used indefinitely after purchase. It also functions well as a free version.

How to utilize the Xbox resolver Octosniff?

Xbox resolver is a database of gamer tags associated with previously intercepted IP addresses. Typically, Xbox resolver cross-references data between platforms. To utilize Octosniff booter, you must first download it to your system and then follow the instructions below to use it with the Xbox resolver.

  • After downloading and installation are complete, proceed to the Network connections section. It should contain an unnamed network (G+E family controller) in its contents. From there, you can change the unrecognized ethernet connection to any name of your choosing by clicking on it.
  • You must connect to your VPN, and the Tab E9 adapter must always be used.
  • If you do not wish to use a VPN, you will be required to share using your Wi-Fi connection.
  • After connecting to the VPN, right-click the Properties tab and then navigate to Sharing. Click the first checkbox that enables additional networks to function on the system. Select the Xbox resolver from Dropbox from the menu that appears.
  • If you do not have the drop-down menu, simply click the box to proceed.
  • Now you can launch Xbox resolver, but you must configure a new LAN cable connection.
  • While testing is in progress, open the auto sniff feature and select the adapter you just renamed Xbox resolver from the interface’s menu bar. Then you must click Sniff to continue with the process.


  • Once the connection has been established, your IP address will appear in the console.
  • Thus, you may utilize the Octosniff IP sniffer to gather information and easily decrypt all other user-related data to determine whether there are any anomalies to fix.

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How Can I Obtain Octosniff for Free?

Follow the instructions below to obtain the free Octosniff for Xbox resolver.

  • You would be required to log in to Octo sniff before downloading the runtime file and not the developer bundle.
  • Next, click Enable Beta version on this machine (personal computer).
  • Launch your antivirus program, disable real-time protection, and then click the blue tab to download the software.
  • Next, select the Install button to complete the installation on your device (iPhone, Mac, Android).
  • Verify that WinPCap is installed on your device, and then agree to complete the installation.
  • In order to activate the software, you will need to reopen your antivirus platform and create an exclusion folder.
  • You can do so by scrolling down the Virus and threat protection option in your Antivirus settings.
  • Reactivate your system’s real-time protection after you are finished.
  • To conclude the installation procedure, click the finish tab.
  • Further, enter your login and password for the Octosniff IP sniffer when prompted.
  • After the package is downloaded, you will see a pop-up notice informing you of the newly downloaded software and that the installer will begin running after the program exits.
  • However, before selecting OK, you must revisit Virus and threat protection. From there, you must open Protection History in order to observe the program as a temporary file.
  • Now, from the Actions menu, select “Allow on Device.” You must click the OK button adjacent to the pop-up window.
  • Select the language, then click Additional Tasks, and finally click Install.
  • Finally, you must allow the Octosniff IP sniffer to traverse the Windows Firewall.
  • Then, click Open Windows Firewall, tap Change Settings, and click Allow another application.
  • Search for the Octosniff IP sniffer file in Program Files, then open the file and add it to Windows Firewall.
  • Mark the Private and Public checks and then click the OK button. Once complete, click the Finish button, and you’re done.
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