Ecomgenie App: How to Utilize the Ecom Genie App?


A web store that can assist you in increasing your company’s web sales. You can opt to run enterprises and expand the company’s overall sales with it.

Ecom genie, on the one hand, claims to provide clients with exceptional goods, while on the other, it seeks to partner with product manufacturers by providing them with access to significant profit margins.

The website offers a respectable shopping cart, respectable payment gateway integrations, respectable order management, and mobile compatibility.

Additionally, the website includes a scalable architecture, standard reports and analytics, and standard logistic integration. The website is skilled enough to handle a high volume of visitors.

How to Utilize the Ecom Genie App?

The Ecom Genie software is incredibly simple to use. You only need to follow a few steps.

ecomgenie app

  • Select the Ecom genie link from your browser.
  • Create an account with them using your chosen username and password.
  • Once the arrangement has been negotiated, merchants have the option of loading their products onto the website themselves or with the assistance of Ecom Genie’s partners.
  • If you are a buyer, you may quickly begin purchasing things of your choosing, and the site functions similarly to any other eCommerce site.
  • After selecting a product, it is added to the cart.
  • Once payments have been processed, you can request shipment of the products from the cart.


Several characteristics of Ecom Genie that illuminate the situation include:

  • As an eCommerce website, it features an intuitive UI.
  • It is a valid website that is accessible via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Safari, among others.
  • A streamlined interface that provides access to pay installments and bundles.
  • You can phone any of the numbers listed on their website for customer service assistance.
  • In addition, they offer typical payment gateway integrations.

ecomgenie app

  • The website is equipped with suitable order management features and scalable infrastructure.

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Is Ecom genie Software Legit?

The website is legitimate and efficient. Several tests have already been conducted on the site, and the results indicate that it performs well on all of the characteristics that were evaluated to establish the site’s validity.

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