Simon Jordan Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have as a Businessman?


I hope all is okay with you. Today’s topic will be English businessman Simon Jordan, who became wealthy in the mobile phone sector.

He bought Crystal Palace Football Club in 2000, and he served as club chairman through the club’s early 2010 administration.

He co-founded and invested in the auto magazine Octane in 2002; in 2006, he sold his 50% ownership interest. He founded Club Bar and Dining on London’s Warwick Street in 2006.

In 2011, Jordan sold the business to the Ottolenghi Group and renamed it Nopi. Currently, Jordan is well-known for his work as a co-presenter on the TalkSPORT program White and Jordan, which airs on weekday mornings.

This post will discuss Simon Jordan’s early years, professional life, net worth, and personal life. Stay with us until the finish if you want to learn everything about Simon Jordan.

Simon Jordan Early Life

Jordan joined Chelsea and Crystal Palace as a schoolboy. Peter Jordan played for Palace’s youth team but was never selected for the first team. His explanation: “I had no ambition to be a pro mentally. Many talented players go unnoticed. I did.” All of this occurred at Purley High School for Boys in Old Coulsdon.

Simon Jordan Net Worth

In the late 1980s or early 1990s, a friend, James Wright, encouraged him to join his company, Wright Connections, which sold mobile phones through Loot and Exchange and Mart. Jordan and Wright renamed their company Corporate Cellular Ltd after renting office space from Delta 5.

Jordan and Andrew Briggs founded Pocket Phone Shop in 1994. They began with £30,000 and a 330-square-foot Slough office; the firm expanded after partnering with Astec. Jordan departed this company in the early 1990s because it was losing money.

Pocket Phone Shop had 208 stores by 2000, employed 1100 people, and predicted a profit of £102 million in 1999/00. Until Jordan and Briggs started their own company, Pocket Phone Shop was a key competitor of The Carphone Warehouse.

When the Pocket Phone Shop was at its zenith, Ulrika Jonsson was hired to publicize future store openings. Still, Jordan sued Jonsson, claiming she had failed to perform her promotional obligations. This action’s outcome is uncertain.

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Simon Jordan Crystal Palace

Jordan and Briggs left the company after selling it to One2One for an estimated £80 million in 2000. Jordan was a talented young footballer signed as a schoolboy by Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

“I was well enough to be a professional, but mentally I wasn’t interested,” he said. Jordan was elected club chairman as the Football League’s youngest chairman.

Simon Jordan Net Worth

I’ve been willing to put my money towards a cause I strongly believe in. “My first goal is to turn this club’s fortunes around,” Jordan, a loyal fan born “100 yards from the ground,” stated. Jordan said the team would be promoted to the Premier League in five years.

Simon Jordan’s Television and Radio Career

Jordan had his first substantial television appearance in early 2007 in Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway for ITV, alongside fellow millionaires Ann Summers, managing director Jacqueline Gold, and other football-related events.

Jordan began working with TalkSPORT, a sports network, in 2018. In 2019, he was nominated for Sports Commentator of the Year after appearing on programs alongside Danny Kelly. Jordan appeared on BBC Question Time in May 2019.

Following his outstanding achievements in 2020, he joined Jim White on one of the Talksports’ best programs. He usually co-stars with Martin Keown, Danny Murphy, Trevor Sinclair, and Graeme Souness as of 2022.

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What is Simon Jordan’s Estimated Net Worth?

Simon Jordan’s net worth is expected to be £50 million in 2022. He gets paid by an English businessman. His private businesses are his primary source of income.

Simon Jordan has worked in a range of fields. He has experience in sports, publications, television, radio, and film production. He is one of the wealthiest people in the United Kingdom.

Jordan is a well-known businessman in England and football (soccer).

Simon Jordan Net Worth

Simon Jordan’s Personal Life

Simon Jordan is a businessman who is a TV personality named Michelle Dewberry. In July 2020, the two of them welcomed a child.

Jordan has visited both Marbella and London. Jordan, on the other hand, had been dating Meg Mathews, the ex-wife of Oasis singer Noel Gallagher, since July 2005, according to a January 2006 report on the Daily Mirror website, and had bought her a £100,000 Porsche with a bespoke license plate for Christmas.

On the other hand, Jordan detailed how this connection ended in March 2006. She claimed Mathews dumped her and reprimanded the News of the World for stating Jordan had done so the week before. “The piece made fun of someone very significant to me over the preceding nine months,” Jordan said in his Observer column.

Cameron was born in January 2008. She is the daughter of Jordan and an ex-girlfriend, Suzi Walker. Jordan was harassed in October 2006, and Tara Stout was revealed to be the perpetrator and told to stay away from Jordan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simon Jordan Will Be on Talksport at What Time?

Simon now co-hosts White & Jordan, TalkSport’s main show with Jim White, which airs Mondays through Fridays at 10:00 a.m.

Did Simon Jordan Suffer a Financial Loss?

Jordan admitted in 2012 that he “blew” his £75 million wealth, including £40 million lost on his Crystal Palace enterprise. Jordan was robbed of his £100,000 watch at gunpoint in Croydon, South London, on March 21, 2018, at about 13:00 GMT.

Are Dominic and Simon Jordan Related?

Stevenage has appointed former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan’s brother as Chief Executive Officer. Dominic Jordan, a former managing director at Selhurst Park, joins the Lamex after spending 12 years heading a sports partnership company he created in 2010.

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