When is Coraline 2 Coming Out? The Cast of Voices in Coraline!


Coraline is an excellent animated film that you need not adore. The stop-motion horror film, based on the same-titled novel by Neil Gaiman, won numerous awards and received high critical acclaim.

People adored the dark and foreboding atmosphere combined with relatable themes of acceptance, neglect, and identity-seeking. Since the original film’s release in 2009, many fans have speculated whether the sequel Coraline 2 will be released in 2022. Is there a trailer or release date for the sequel to Coraline?

When is Coraline 2 Coming Out?

The release of Coraline 2 will not occur in 2022. It is not happening. No official trailer or release date is available. The majority of online trailers, rumors, and release dates are false.

Neil Gaiman, the author of Coraline, has confirmed via Twitter that a sequel is unlikely (many times). He is currently focusing on other projects because he believes he cannot match the success of the original book and the film.

Now you are aware that there will be no sequel to Coraline. Based on various statements made by the author over the years, it is doubtful that this will occur in 2022. All the rumors, fake trailers, images, leaks, etc., must have a purpose. Continue reading to learn more!

Exists a Coraline Sequel Exist?

Several times, Neil Gaiman has confirmed that this is false. This occurred as recently as March of this year. A fan sent him a photo of Coraline 2 rumor rumors with the caption, “Is this true?” He responded with a straightforward “no.”

When is Coraline 2 Coming Out?

Before making a sequel, he had tweeted that he was looking for a story that is at least as good as the first, if not better. It makes sense.

He does not want subpar content to ruin Coraline. The first film and novel were enormously successful. Coraline 2 will undoubtedly earn a lot of money, but it does not appear that Neil Gaiman would wish to harm his reputation as a writer. He is also concentrating on other projects, such as The Sandman adaptation.

Are They Valid?

Coraline has been the subject of numerous past updates, “trailers,” and rumors. Almost all of them are fan-made and fake. Neil Gaiman and Laika studios are not associated with any information presented as authentic or official.

Do not believe anything that is not communicated through official channels. Even more so now that you are aware that the probability of Coraline 2 occurring is extremely low.

The Cast of Voices in Coraline

In the film’s first half, a phenomenal voice cast provides the voices of numerous characters. Numerous actors lend their voices to the film, including,

If the characters return, fans will undoubtedly hear the voices of Robert Bailey Jr. again. With the release of Coraline 2, the voice actors who provided fans’ favorite characters’ voices will return.

Cast Members of Coraline

Principal characters around whom the plot could revolve include,

  • Coraline Jones
  • Bobo
  • Miss Spink
  • Miss Inconvenient Jones
  • The feline
  • The Additional Father Jones
  • This is the Beldam
  • The Ghose Family.

What Could Happen in Coraline 2?

Gaiman has made no disclosures about the plot, and no information is available.

When is Coraline 2 Coming Out?

Furthermore, since there have been no updates, it is uncertain whether a sequel will be produced. Gaiman may be secretly working on the sequel, but let’s await additional information from the producers for now.

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Summing Up!

Here, we have covered all the information currently available regarding the sequel. And the news is highly discouraging. Neil Gaiman has repeatedly stated that there are no official plans to create a sequel to Coraline. There has been no official announcement of a release date, plot, or cast.

We can only hope that Neil Gaiman will be able to create a story that is at least as good as the original and preferably better. We may anticipate his future work and rewatch the original film in the interim.

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