How to Download the Higala App Apk and the Higala QR Code [2022]


The government of the Philippines launches the Higala mobile application to promote contactless transactions and monitor foot traffic in the city of Cagayan de Oro.

What Exactly is the Higala Mobile App?

The app can be downloaded by clicking on the download link provided on its website, or its web browser can be used for QR scanning and for generating QR codes to be displayed in local malls and shopping centers without coming into contact with any other individuals or their equipment.

With the assistance of the Higala mobile app, the government can easily monitor the movement of pedestrian citizens. The app is applicable to both visitors and citizens of the Philippines.

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How Do I Get the Higala App Apk?

To download the Higala app apk on your Android phone, follow the steps below.

  • To download the Higala app for free, we must first open a web browser, which can be accessed via any of the links below- Cagayan de Oro.
  • When you complete the basic information on, you will receive an activation link to the email address you provided.
  • The form requires the following information: username, first, middle, and last name, name extensions, the app user’s sex, birthdate, nationality, contact number, email ID, province, city/municipality, Barangay, house, and street. Finally, you must examine the Higala app privacy data content. You must also demonstrate that you are not a robot, but rather a human.
  • The download links can now be found in the activation email you received.
  • The app is primarily designed for Android applications, and after clicking the link, you can download it, after which you must install it.
  • Then log in with the same username and password you specified in the form. However, before logging in from the app, ensure that you have clicked on the activation link.

How to Higala app apk download | Higala QR code download [2022]

How Do I Download the Higala App Apk?

Follow the steps below to download the Higala app QR code scanner.

  • Open the app and sign in.
  • Next, click the Generate QR code button.
  • Make a copy of the QR code.
  • Show it in malls and enter contactless.
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