Injectbox Instagram Viewer: a Step-by-step Guide!


Even iPhone users can access Even though iPhone jailbreak 13.5 is available, if you do not want to jailbreak, you can use It is fully compatible with iOS devices and partially compatible with Android devices.

What Exactly is the App?

Injectbox is an efficient way to inject the app into the smartphone, allowing you to install premium services for free on your app. The app is extremely user-friendly and safe to use, and it works on all account types.

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How Do I Access My Injectbox Instagram Private Account?

Injectbox can be accessed via a web browser and contains all injected or modded versions of tools.

Follow the steps below to download the modded version of Injectbox’s private account/profile viewer.

  • Click the Search button and type in the name of the Injectbox private account viewer. You can also find the app by scrolling down through the displayed list.
  • When you click on the app in the section, you will be directed to a new screen where you will be prompted to inject the app.
  • After selecting the inject option and entering the required information, you can select the inject code to download the configuration file.
  • When you open the file after downloading, the app will appear on your screen.

Here's who can view your private Instagram post if I you add a hashtag

After that, proceed with the steps below.

  • Enter the correct IG profile username without the @ symbol.
  • Wait until the connection is properly established before pressing the Connect button.
  • When you can see the target account, click on it to confirm it.
  • Select a method for viewing the account.
  • Wait for the tool to complete the unlocking process once it begins to spin.
  • Finally, to complete the process, confirm that you are a human and not a bot.

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