How to File TDR Using the IRCTC Mobile App and Review TDR Rules IRCTC


TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) is a popular phrase for those who travel by train these days. With the Indian Railways’ TDR process in place, you can quickly claim refunds for already-booked-but-untraveled tickets. Tickets are refunded within 60 days of being requested.

How to File a Counter Ticket TDR?

Cancellation of paper tickets must occur at the PRS reservation system desk, the current booking counter, or the booking office counter.

  • Passengers can file a TDS for their counter-booked tickets by visiting the train station where they made the purchase.
  • They will be required to submit an application, a TDR filing form, and their original, unaltered travel ticket.
  • Claims must be submitted to the Chief Claim Officer / CCM Refund Officer.
  • Postal services can also be used to file TDR for counter tickets.
  • During the COVID pandemic, you may attempt to cancel your e-ticket and inquire with the department as to whether they will take a TDR from the public.

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How to Use the IRCTC Rail Connect App to File a TDR

Have you recently downloaded the IRCTC app and want to know how to file TDR via the IRCTC app?

Check out how to file a TDR using the IRCTC app here.

  • Launch the Google Play application.
  • Click on the Trains chart head in the Business section.
  • Select the view or cancel ticket option for the ticket for which you want to file a TDR.
  • Follow the instructions after clicking to file a TDR.
  • Select a cause for submitting the TDR from the dropdown list of available alternatives.
  • Click here to submit your TDR request.

TDR Regulations IRCTC 2021

The TDR filing regulations are detailed below:

  • For counter tickets, ticket cancellation can be targeted using a PRS counter.
  • If you have an e-ticket, you can receive a refund at the boarding area. You can also collect your refund at satellite locations in the area.
  • TDR filing must be completed within four hours of the departure of the train.
  • You can file a TDR if there were waiting list passengers on your ticket who did not board the train with you. This requires a certificate from the IRCTC ticket inspectors.

TDR Rule in Indian Railway

Best Cause for Filing TDR

The most compelling cause to file a TDR is if the train has not stopped at your station or has deviated from its normal path.

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When can TDR be submitted in Irctc?

Through the IRCTC app or the actual counters, filing a TDR is simple. You can also submit TDRs through a web browser.

What is the EFT detail for IRCTC TDR filing?

An excess Fare Ticket is a valid justification for requesting a full refund. If the TT has requested extra payment, you may submit a TDR to recover the funds.

When must TDR be submitted?

Can a TDR be filed in instances when the traveler’s rights have been breached in some way?

Can I file TDR after preparing a chart?

Yes, once the chart has been created, TDR can be filed under the conditions outlined in the TDR standards.

Am I eligible to file TDR if I missed my train?

One can file a TDR within one hour of the train’s departure. Reasons for not traveling can be listed in a TDR application under existing guidelines.

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