How to Cancel Debit Orders Using the Capitec App?


On the Capitec app, the debit order can be reversed in one of four ways.

24-hour Customer Service

Contact your client service center for assistance in denying or accepting a debit order.

Enter a Branch of Your Choice.

If you are near a Capitec location, go in and ask them to help you address the issue; they will be able to assist you in accepting or declining any order.


Once you have received the Debi Check, telephone *120*3279# and select option 8 to view all of your vital information on your phone’s screen. You can now either approve or deny the debit order.

Make Use of Your Banking App

You can also approve or deny a debit order via the banking app.

How Can I Cancel Debi’s Check in the Capitec App?

Canceling Debi checks and contesting them via the Capitec app follow identical steps. As a result, you can quickly cancel the Debi check by following the steps outlined below.

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How Can I Challenge a Debit Order Using the Capitec App?

To dispute a Debi check on the Capitec app, please read the information below.

  • Select the transact option, followed by Debit Orders.
  • Click the box that asks you to enter your remote PIN to sign in.
  • Now, from the history, select the menu and then the debit order.
  • Choose a reason for the dispute from the dropdown menu.
  • Accept the agreement as well.

The software allows you to reject debit orders worth up to R800. Unauthorized debits are handled only by the app.

How to Reverse Debit Orders on Capitec App [2022]? Cancel Now

Contact Information for Capitec Debit Order Reversal

You can visit any office or contact 0860 10 20 43 to challenge unlawful debit orders made using the app.

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How long do I have to reverse a Capitec debit order?

If the decision is challenged within 12 months, it will be reversed immediately.

How long does it take to get money back from Capitec?

If the order is passed within 40 days, Capitec can reverse the money instantly.

Can I cancel a Capitec app-authorized debit order?

Yes, one method for reversing a debit order is to use the Capitec app.

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