‘The Mosquito Coast’ Season 2: Apple Tv+ Revealed the Release Date for Season 2


The Mosquito Coast, an Apple TV+ drama, has a release date. We’ve revealed everything we know about the highly anticipated second season down below!

The series premiered in April 2021. The streaming service renewed the show for a second season ahead of the season one conclusion. We’ve been waiting for more of the intriguing drama to unfold since then.

The first season introduced us to Allie Fox, a talented scientist and obstinate idealist who uproots his family on a perilous journey to find asylum from the US government, cartels, and hitmen. The series is based on Paul Theroux’s novel of the same name.

Neil Cross co-created the series. Mark V. Olsen, Will Scheffer, Stefan Schwartz, Evan Katz, Rupert Wyatt, Alan Gasmer, Peter Jaysen, and Bob Bookman serve as executive producers. Paul Theroux, the book’s author, Cross, and series lead Justin Theroux all serve as executive producers.

Here’s everything we know about the forthcoming season of the famous show!

The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Apple Release Date

Season 2 of The Mosquito Coast will premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 4, 2022. It will be followed by new episodes every Friday until January 6, 2023. There are a total of ten episodes.

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The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Cast:

  • Allie Fox is played by Justin Theroux.
  • Margot Fox is played by Melissa George.
  • Logan Polish in the role of Dina Fox
  • Charlie Fox is played by Gabriel Bateman.

The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Plot Summary

In season two, the Fox family travels deep into the Guatemalan jungle to meet up with an old friend and her group of refugees after narrowly leaving Mexico with their lives.

This new shelter, however, causes problems for the Foxes when they become involved in a battle between a local drug lord and his family. Allie and Margot seek divergent paths to guarantee their family’s future, unsure whether to settle down or keep roaming. The outcome will either bring the family together or tear it apart for good.

The Mosquito Coast: Season Two Renewal for Apple TV+ Drama Series -  canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

Trailer Shows Allie Fox Facing Danger in New Jungle Life

The new 2-minute trailer displays the Fox family settling into their new existence in Casa Rojas, a small refugee community in the Guatemalan forest. The new teaser indicates that the upcoming season will see each character attempting to adapt to their new life.

They are looking for clues to enable them to discover a way out while learning the secret of this “appearing idyllic” hamlet.

The trailer also revealed prior incidents along the route, such as Allie being a victim of the chaos of local drug lords and clashing with his family as well as the US government.

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The teaser clearly shows Margot as the one who struck a bargain, but we’re not sure whether that’s what we’re supposed to assume at this time.

“I will do anything to protect my family,” she says. The trailer has undoubtedly established the tone for the forthcoming season, and fans appear to be eagerly anticipating the big launch.

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