How to Download a Diksha App Certificate in English/hindi


DIKSHA is a project of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) on behalf of the Ministry of Education of the Government of India to offer digital infrastructure for school education.

Teachers, educational establishments, and school students can use this app to access content produced by the NCERT, CBSE, and NIOS. The DIKSHA school education platform is also accessible via Android cellphones, as its app is available on the Google Play Store.

How Do I Use the Diksha App?

The DIKSHA app for students provides exciting learning content based on the school curriculum. This software contains worksheets, lesson plans, and ideas for a variety of additional activities for instructors. This app can also be used by parents to keep track of various classroom activities.

You can acquire access to the DIKSHA app online class by going to the Play Store and installing the app. Then, launch the app and grant it access to your albums, media, and files, as well as the camera on your smartphone. You can also change the language. The software is available in English, Hindi, Urdu, and nine regional languages.

Downloading Certificates

Following that, you must select your user profile from the list of teachers, students, and others. By scanning the QR code on the textbooks, you can download the lessons and study materials. You can also input additional information such as board, medium, and class.

Finally, you can continue to provide information such as your state and district. Registration requires the full name, phone number, email address, password, and acceptance of the terms and conditions. Finally, you must input the OTP to verify your mobile number.

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How Do I Get an English Certificate From the Diksha App?

Online courses and certificates are available through the DIKSHA App. The online DIKSHA certificate can be viewed and downloaded by registered users in PDF and PNG formats. Users can view the certificate on their profile page, after which they can download it.

In Hindi, How Do I Download a Certificate From the Diksha App?

Users must first change the app language to Hindi from the profile screen before they can access and download the certificate in Hindi.

How Do I Get a Nishtha Certificate Using the Diksha App?

The Nishtha training module is intended for instructors and can be found on the DIKSHA app site in the Courses area. They can discover the “Certificate” symbol near the bottom of the program after finishing training modules. By clicking this symbol, they can view and download the Nishtha certificate.

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How Can I Get the Covid 19 Training Certificate From the Diksha App?

Go to the app’s “Training” section and then click the filter to choose “IGOT” from the “Organisations” option. Following that, you can locate relevant Covid-19 training videos in a variety of languages. The DIKSHA app allows you to finish the program and acquire the certificate.


How Do I Get a Certificate From the Diksha App?

You may get videos via the DIKSHA app’s profile page.

The certificate Cannot Be Downloaded Through the Diksha App

If you have any problems while downloading the certificate, you can seek help from the discussion area.

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