How to Verify TS Meeseva Transaction Id Status?


The State IT infrastructures launch and operate the TS MeeSeva application. The Meeseva program provides around 300 government-related services.

Services are provided to about 90 million Telangana residents via an integrated 3288 delivery point. The government intends to target discriminatory practices by enforcing the TS Meeseva project.

How Do I Verify the Status of My Ts Meeseva Application?

You can check the status of your MeeSeva application using the portal link provided here. Once you’ve applied, you may easily return to the site to check the status of your application by entering the application ID. For searching, the portal includes separate search windows.

  • Various services,
  • Certificate of Meeseva (through application number) and
  • The web portal displays the status of your application.

To find out your application status, go to the “Know your application status” tab. Enter your application number and search for it.

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How Can I Verify the Status of a Ts Meeseva Application Using the Transaction Id?

Follow the link to the Meeseva application portal.

  • Now, under the search transaction segment, enter your transaction ID in the search field.
  • To draw your details, click the Get details tab.

An example of your application status appearing in the search section is also available on the site.

TS meeseva 2.0 login: Sign up - PM Yojana Hindi

What Types of Application Services Does Ts Meeseva Provide?

The TS Meeseva portal provides a variety of application services. The following are some of the application services provided.

  • Aarogyasri
  • Agriculture
  • CDMA
  • Form for civil and industrial applications
  • District, election, job, and GHMC
  • Housing, health care, industrial subsidies, and labor
  • Mining, geology, and other related forms
  • Forms for police, revenue, and municipalities
  • Forms of social assistance and rural development

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How to Apply for the Ts Meeseva Position?

After enrolling with the portal, you can access the TS Meeseva application forms.

  • Navigate to the TS Meeseva portal’s login page.
  • Now, navigate to the new registration link tab.
  • The registration form will appear once you pick new user registration.
  • Fill it out correctly, then submit the application form.
  • Navigate to the application form area from the User account.
  • Find the form you want to fill out and then submit it when you’re finished.

Application Form for Meeseva Caste Certificate in PDF?

When you log in to the browser site, you will be able to access the Meeseva caste certificate application form.

  • To download the application form, right-click on the service name and select Save Target As.
  • Now select the tab that lets you save the target as an option.


Downloading Meeseva application forms is risk-free.

Most individuals prefer to submit online forms using the web portal when it has been activated. More information on what you can do with the gateway may be found on this page.

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