Who is Tinx ? Is Tiktok Stars and Diplo Dating?


“Rich Mom,” aka Christian Najjar “Tinx” Najjar, has gained popularity over the years through her well-known online persona as a wealthy mother. She was born and raised in London on September 19, 1990, and launched her TikTok account in May 2020. Tinx, on the other hand, is neither a mother nor wealthy.

She never made such claims, and it is her epic persona that has earned her over 1.2 million TikTok followers. Because she is constantly in the spotlight, her fans are always curious about the truth about her life. Her personal life is mostly a source of contention among her followers. Tinx is dating who? Is she truly content with her boyfriend? These are some of the questions that fans want to know the answers to.

Who is Tinx Dating?

Once a person attains fame, there will always be people watching their every move. Tinx has evolved and developed a personality that is adored by fans. Tinx is immensely renowned, but she never loses her humility and sense of perspective.

She believes in straightforward romance and is now dating photographer Sansho. Tinx herself did not confirm anything, but it is apparent from Tinx’s stories and writings that she and Sansho are more than friends.

Sansho Scott was born on 14 May 1985 in the United States and is a photographer. He was raised in the lower east side of beautiful New York City and was always influenced by the city’s fashion and culture. In fact, Sansho spent up to four years in Los Angeles networking and building his career.

However, he returned to his hometown of New York once more. Sansho is mostly a fashion photographer who focuses on street fashion. He employs his work for both online and email marketing.

This has been his area of expertise for the longest time. However, he also specializes in concert, travel, portrait, and headshot photography, as well as landscape photography.

Now, Reddit is always available to answer any questions. On Reddit, people seek information about Tinx and Sansho’s relationship. Everyone interprets their dating equation differently.


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According to several users, the duo is in a relationship. It is due to the fact that Tinx published a novella in which the mystery lover and he wore a Yin Yang necklace. Now, Sanso has also been seen wearing the same necklace. How much of a coincidence could it possibly be?

There have been numerous rumors, but unlike any other couple, they have not confirmed it. Therefore, if things are getting serious, the couple will soon provide followers with an update.

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Tinx And Diplo Were Dating?

Tinx, according to ET Canada, addresses the rumors of dating Diplo in July 2021. The former couple was reported to be secretly dating. Tinx commented on her connection with Diplo, saying, “He’s incredibly lovely.” “Diplo and I get along fantastically.

Only friendship exists; there are no romantic ties. This man is amazing. I’d been a fan of his music for a long time, and the fact that fate brought us together in Las Vegas was totally fortuitous. He’s extremely sweet, but we had a terrific time for the night strolling around Las Vegas.”

Furthermore, when questioned if she was dating the DJ, the social media star replied, “God, I don’t know.” “To be honest, I’m considering friend-zoning him. I’m not sure, but you never know.

Who is Tinx Dating? Dix Tinx Date Diplo? Find Out the Details Here – Lee Daily

Tinx stated she is merely friends with Diplo before all of these accusations began to circulate. Tinx had previously been married, but she had been unmarried for almost a month. As a result, it will take some time for her to re-enter the dating pool.

The couple was seen hanging out together several times. However, she repeatedly denied any relationship with Diplo.

“I’m friends with Diplo,” she said. “We’re simply buddies,” he says, “and he’s a fantastic man.” I like his songs. I’m his biggest admirer, and I met him by chance in Vegas, and serendipity brought us together. So we had a fantastic evening racing around Vegas.”

Even if people speculate, Diplo and Tinx never admitted to anything romantic.

The TikTok star’s popularity stems completely from her personality. She is a Stanford University graduate with a high level of education. She is currently rumored to be dating Sansho, but until the couple confirms the news, we can only speculate. As a result, let us hope that the fans hear good news soon!

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