Emily Gould Has Decided to Divorce After Eight Years of Marriage!


Emily Gould has gained recent divorce rumors from her long-term husband. People are concerned about what happened in their marriage. Before we go any further, let’s have a look at who she is.

Emily Gould is a multifaceted author best recognized for her work as an editor at Gawker. Have you heard of Emily Books, an online bookstore? You are correct. She shares ownership with another author, Ruth Curry.

She is 40 years old and was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her works include Hex Education, And the Heart Says Whatever, and others. Emily formerly worked as an associate editor at Disney’s Hyperion imprint.

Emily Gould married the love of her life, Keith Gessen, in 2014. So, it appears that their nearly eight-year marriage has finally come to an end. If you’re wondering what went wrong between the two, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Keith Gessen Spreads Divorce Rumors About Emily Gould

Emily Gould’s divorce rumors are true, and they are heartbreaking for her followers. Keith Gessen is a novelist and journalist, in case you didn’t know. He is the owner and editor of the magazine n+1.

In addition, he serves as an assistant professor of journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Raising Raffi: The First Five Years, All the Sad Young Literary Men, and A Terrible Country: A Novel is among his writing credits. In Brooklyn, both were much celebrated as a couple.

Author Emily Gould asks newsletter readers to fund her divorce

Emily Gould and Keith Gessen have two children. Despite having a large family and a good outside life, they were planning a divorce. Nothing about the reason for their divorce has been made public. However, it appears that their home life was not as idyllic as it appeared on the outside. It was described as a “three-ring domesticity performance.”

However, various challenges have recently surfaced in their marriage. Emily Gould revealed that Keith had previously donated his sperm to his sibling’s partner, who had become pregnant as a result. We’re interested if it had any effect on the thief’s marriage. What do you think?

Emily Gould recently requested a $20,000 gift for her divorce fund. Furthermore, she stated that she was unable to seek assistance from her parents and hence attempted this alternative method.

Emily Gould and Keith Gessen had a lot of affection at the beginning of their relationship. We’re curious if they still feel the same way today. She also revealed that the $75,000 she received in advance for the launch of her latest book did not provide a financial boost for her family.

While requesting assistance for her divorce, the author also stated that she didn’t have much money at the time and that it was quite expensive.

We wish Emily Gould just the best in her life. You can stay up to date with her by following her on Instagram.

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