Witch Watch Chapter 82 Release Date, Summary, and Recap!


The mystery surrounding Nico’s assistant’s arrival is revealed in Witch Watch Chapter 82. Nico learns that Ms. Makuwa has worked tirelessly to assist them with the upcoming occasion. As they arrive at the event, Nico’s assistant Kukumi joins her.

Kukumi apologizes for dragging Nico, who recognizes it will be a fun occasion that no one should miss. Morihito warns Nico and Kukumi not to stir any trouble.

Kukumi can’t believe Morihito continuously follows him around. Morihito admits that he is Nico’s bodyguard and that he must remain in the area to protect Nico. Kukumi observes Morihito’s desire to remain at a distance and invites him to join them.

Morihito, on the other hand, chose to keep an eye on Nico and Kukumi from afar because the two wouldn’t have time to have a girl chat if he was too close to them.

Nico and Kukumi enter the building and discuss the manga comics Kukumi has brought. Kukumi informs that before the event, the printers will bring managed books. Nico feels relieved that Kukumi would be selling a variety of items.

However, Kukumi reveals that they must sell 1000 copies. Nico is perplexed as to how a tiny newcomer like them could sell 1000 books before the event’s end.

The vent begins, and the females start selling their wares. Morihito changed his appearance and decided to help the girls. Customers ask if Kukumi’s side has a seller who is whitening. They discover Morihito resembles a character from a popular manga.

Morihito attracts the girls, so they start reading new comics. They also discussed Dengeki Melon’s Long, who provided excellent amusement. Kukumi wonders if she dreams because so much has transpired in her life. The event was a success, with the trio selling 1000 copies by the end of the day.

Witch Watch Chapter 82 Release Date 

Witch Watch Chapter 82 will be available on October 23, 2022. Nico employs a “Witch Watch” to reduce nine crates to one that Kukumi can transport. Kukumi mentioned selling 100 extra copies. Nico also employs several spells to assist Kukumi with her manga art. Check out the most recent Witch Watch Chapter 82 updates below.

Chapter Name witch watch
Genre Adventure and Magic
Release Date February 8, 2021
New chapter release Date 23 October 2022
Number of chapters 81

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Witch Watch Previously Chapter 81 

Yuri joins Morihito and the girls and says sorry for being late, but she has been of tremendous assistance. Kukumi recognizes they almost made a mistake, but she is relieved they got it right. The girls are delighted they met new followers and established themselves in society. Yuri assumed that meeting with fans once would be sufficient.

But she couldn’t wait to see them again because it would help her build a rapport with the new manga readers. She reveals the next event where manga copies will be sold. Yuri discovers she knows folks who tried something once and never gave up. Kukumi said they’ll keep doing it because she has so many different ideas and scenarios she wants to create.

Witch Watch Chapter 82 Release Date: Morihito The Bodyguard - OtakuKart

The two recognize that they will be the center of attention at the upcoming occasion, and they must perform admirably. Nico adds that having something into which they can pour their hearts is beneficial. Morihito agrees because he is not a guy who can join in on lady discussion. He was listening, but his thoughts were on keeping Nico safe.

Morihito recognizes he went from lightning to coffee brown hair, but he is relieved that the show is ended and his life will return to normal until they attend the next event. Kukumi cries a tear of joy, and Nico inquires as to what is going on. She responds that her heart is full and that she has never worked so hard on anything.

Nico shows Kukumi her book, which she wrote with a friend, and she learns it is about the renowned Oboro. Kukumi observed that Oboro’s conversation was gone when the two chatted about the legendary Oboro. Kukumi realizes she has a lot of boxes to carry and seeks Nico’s aid.

Witch Watch Chapter 82 – Rough Details Online

Witch Watch Chapter 82 is available online at Mangaplus and Viz Media. Nico reveals the permanent marker-absorbing magic, and the two proceed to prepare for the upcoming event. The mystery of Nico’s spells will be explained in the following chapter. Let’s get together after Witch Watch Chapter 82 is published.

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