Blue Lock Episode 3: Release Date & Time, and When Will Blue Lock Episode 3 Be Available?


Blue Lock is a manga series illustrated and written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro. Since August 2018, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. The anime-inspired television series will be accessible on Netflix by 2022.

When Will Blue Lock Episode 3 Be Available?

The release date for Blue Lock Episode 3 in the United States is Saturday, October 22. The episode will be released in Japan on October 23 at 1:30 a.m. JST.

Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series for international viewers. The episode will be available with English subtitles an hour and a half after it is released in Japan. That would be at the following times in the United States:

  • 2:00 p.m. ET
  • 1:00 p.m. CT
  • 11:00 a.m. PT

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Lock Episode 3 Plot

After considering the current state of Japanese soccer, the Japanese Football Association has decided to hire the mysterious and eccentric coach Jinpachi Ego to help them achieve their goal of winning the World Cup.

Jinpachi establishes the Blue Lock, a prison-like organization that separates and competes with 300 gifted strikers from high schools around Japan, believing that Japan lacked an egoistic striker hungry for goals. The winner of Blue Lock will get to pick the national team’s striker, while anyone who loses will be permanently banished from the roster.

Yoichi Isagi, a striker who failed to lead his high school soccer team to the national championship, was picked to take part in this perilous endeavor. He couldn’t help but wonder whether things would have turned out differently if he had been more egocentric after electing to pass to a teammate who missed rather than scoring on his own.

Yoichi hopes that the Blue Lock Project will allow him to overcome his fears and pursue his ultimate dream of being the finest striker in the world and leading Japan to a World Cup triumph.

Where Can I Watch Blue Lock Episode 3?

Right now, Crunchyroll is the best place to watch Blue Lock Episode 3 with English subtitles online. Weekly new episodes with English subtitles are released, and the dub is on the way! Premium Crunchyroll subscribers can see new episodes as soon as they become available, however free subscribers must wait one or more weeks.

Blue Lock Episode 3 Trailer

Blue Lock Episode 3? What to Expect?

Isagi has only lately begun to discover the hard realities of participating in the Blue Lock project. Not only will he be forced to give in to his selfish wants, but he will also be forced to forget everything he knows about football.

Despite his early reservations, the kid is quickly adjusting to his new surroundings. Bachira’s admission that he, too, has an egoist monster inside helped Isagi embrace his new reality.

Unfortunately, the young athlete will quickly find that he is not the only one who lets his ego govern him. The first selection competition is about to commence, which will be Team Z’s first true test. According to Jinpachi, they will have a far more difficult time winning because they are regarded as the project’s poorest players.

Yoichi and his comrades will be eliminated from the competition in the blink of an eye if they do not have a decent strategy or a strong desire to win. Team Z, thankfully, has two of the most arrogant players in Blue Lock. Isagi may try to confine his monster, but with Bachira nearby, he has no need to do so.

Blue Lock episode 3 will most likely introduce us to Team Z’s initial opponents in this first selection. We’ll meet a lot of new people. Fans are likely to see the first several soccer matches between Team Z and its opponents.

Blue Lock episode 3: Release date and time, where to watch, what to expect,  and more

Blue Lock Episode 2 Recap

Teieri declares at a Japan Football Union meeting that if Japan continues on its current path, it would never win the World Cup. She believes they require Jinpachi Ego. Meanwhile, Kira is stunned by his disqualification.

Ego explains how the activity they did had anything to do with soccer. Isagi is perplexed as to why he is so excited despite damaging Kira’s soccer career. He questions Bachira about why he passed the ball to him, and Bachira responds that he knew Isagi would kick the ball.

Ego congratulates the group on its admissions success. As Team Z, everyone in the room will live and train together. Isagi decides to train while the rest are sleeping after passing the fitness test. Bachira decides to train beside him. When Isagi inquires about what happened during the tag game, Bachira admits that he has a monster inside him.

When he’s playing, he hears the monster’s voice, and Bachira thinks the monster commanded him to give the ball to Isagi since he, too, has a monster inside him. Isagi remembers what happened and is curious about the “monster” inside him.

Following the ranking announcement, Isagi and Bachira return to their room. Igarashi has a score of 275, while Isagi has a score of 274. On the screen, ego appears, and some people grumble about the food and the environment.

Ego goes over the Blue Lock facility and how the teams are organized. Igarashi understands that despite the elimination of 25 people, he is still placed last. According to Ego, people must win their way to better facilities.

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The first pick will be their next trial. An editor also interviews one of the 11 Heroes, Sae Itoshi. He believes he has no desire to play in Japan. He then comes across JFU’s press presentation about Blue Lock. He chooses to postpone his travel back to Spain to see how the project progresses.

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