Nano Machine Chapter 127 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, Where to Read Online?


After the dramatic reveal, things will become even crazier in Nano Machine Chapter 127. Everything was going according to Lord Yo Jong’s plan, and he had been plotting with everyone to keep it afloat. Fortunately, Crown Prince discovers his treason, and things are about to spiral out of control when Crown Prince makes his first move. Continue reading to learn more.

The 127th chapter will center on the new war for the kingdom between Lord Yo Jong and the young master. Yo, on the other hand, performs whatever Cheon tells him to do, putting him in a difficult situation. Will you be able to figure it out?

Nano Machine Chapter 127 Release Date And Time

The popular manga Nano Machine Chapter 127 will be released on October 20, 2022. On Thursday, at 9:50 p.m. Pacific Time, you can read this chapter. Chapter 127 of the manga will be available to read on Viz Media, the Manga Plus app, and Nano Machine’s official website.

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What Will Happen Next in Nano Machine Chapter 127?

Lord Yo Jong, without a doubt, will reject the elders’ judgment and decide to take action against the young master. But the young master is well aware that Cheon is manipulating Yo’s mind, and he now wants him to turn against his organization. So, before things get out of hand, the young master will break the curse and save Yo from Cheon’s clutches with his heavenly demon sword.

It will, however, result in a war between the young master and Lord Yo. You will use his dark abilities to try to break the sword. Fighting the young master will not be simple, especially with the elders on his side.

Soon, the battle will be one against a hundred others, and Yo will realize that defeating the young master will be difficult. As a result, he may quit the situation, leaving the crown to the young master.

Nano Machine Chapter 126:A Quick Recap!

Lord Yo Jong had previously expressed surprise at seeing the elders sheltering the youthful master in Nano Machine Chapter 126. He didn’t understand what was going on at first, releasing lethal powers in his need to know everything.

The heavenly demon’s sword, however, absorbed them and saved everyone. But, in order to determine whether it was the genuine celestial demon sword, Yo Jong requested that the young master allow him to examine it. He was planning to break it in order to protect his position. However, before delivering it to Yon Jong, the young master cast a magical spell.

Nano Machine Chapter 127: Crown Prince Vs. Lord Yo Jong! Release Date

Surprisingly, while inspecting the sword, he burned his palm and saw a dragon, showing that the sword was genuine. But there was a catch. Someone was lecturing Yo Jong, and it was none other than Cheon Yoojung, who had died many years before.

It was the biggest surprise for everyone because You could communicate with the dead, and they thought he needed medical attention. Meanwhile, Yo’s loyal advisor revealed that the throne had passed to the young master, which enraged Yo.

Nano Machine Chapter 127 Spoilers

The raw scan of Nano Machine Chapter 127 will be available on October 18, 2022. The details surrounding the new Heavenly Demon leader will be revealed in the next chapter of this comic. Lord Yo Jong devises a plan and discovers the existence of the Heavenly Demon Sword.

He approaches Cheon and asks if he can inspect it, and the elder standing next to Cheon tells him not to give Yo Jong the sword because he is probably planning trouble.

Cheon bestows the sword with remarkable skills before handing it over to Yon Jong for evaluation. His palm is burned from gripping the sword, which he then discards. Cheon was chosen by the Heavenly Sword, and anyone who approaches it will be burned. Lord Yo Jong understands as he wonders what type of blade is causing his hands to pain.

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Nano Machine Chapter 127 Read Online

On the official website, you can read Nano Machine Chapter 127 online. Marakim disclosed the identity of the person who was killed during the conflict against the Devil Army, and that person was killed by the King of Strength, Hang Yun.

The latest chapter of Nano Machine delves into the secret behind the new Heavenly Demon leader. Let’s meet following the release of Nano Machine Chapter 127.

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