‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Cast, What to Expect?


The popular animated series The Dragon Prince will shortly return. Fans of the acclaimed sitcom have been waiting for new episodes since 2019, and the wait is almost over! Season 4 of The Dragon Prince will be released in November 2022.

We don’t know what’s next in the “Mystery of Aaravos” saga, but we can’t wait to discover what the creators have in store.

When it first aired on Netflix in 2018, The Dragon Prince was an instant hit, receiving praise for its animation, vocal talents, plot, and more. Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond devised the show. Ehasz previously served as the show’s lead writer and executive producer for Avatar: The Last Airbender, another critically acclaimed animated series.

‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4: Netflix Release Date

Thankfully, The Dragon Prince Season 4 has an official release date. On November 3, 2022, the series will be distributed on the streaming platform Netflix. And we feel that all of the viewers’ patience will be rewarded when the fourth season is released.

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‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4: Cast

So far as we know, all of the primary voice performers will repeat their roles in the forthcoming season. At least one new character is also introduced: Terry, an Earthblood Elf voiced by Benjamin Callins. Claudia’s new boyfriend is Terry.

  • Callum is played by Jack De Sena.
  • Rayla is played by Paula Burrows.
  • Ezran is played by Sasha Rojen.
  • Viren is played by Jason Simpson.
  • Claudia is played by Racquel Belmonte.
  • Aaravos is played by Erik Dellums.
  • Soren is played by Jesse Inocalla.
  • Terry is played by Benjamin Callins.

Because no official “cast” announcement has been made, we’re only showcasing the main characters. As the season’s debut approaches, we should have a better sense of any new characters or adjustments.

‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4: How Many Episodes? 

This season, like the previous three, will consist of nine episodes in total. Furthermore, the series’ subsequent three seasons will each include nine episodes.

So, by the end of all Seasons of this series, there will be a total of 63 episodes to watch.

The Dragon Prince season 4: new trailer ages everyone up - Polygon

When Was the Dragon Prince Season 4’s Renewal Confirmed?

The official announcement of the renewal of the anime series was made via a zoom meeting in 2020. In that particular online meeting, the creators made it plain that the series will continue till the seventh season.

‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4: trailer

The first trailer for the program was recently released by Netflix, previewing the two-year time shift that will kick off the new season. If you want to know what happened to all of your favorite characters between volumes three and four, you should read the graphic novel Through the Moon, which is considered canon to the series.

‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4: What Can We Expect?

If you haven’t seen The Dragon Prince’s third season, we recommend avoiding the content below because it includes spoilers.

With the reawakening of Zym’s mother and the rekindling of Human-Elven’s friendship, everything was looking up for a happy ending. Viren may have perished after falling off the summit with Rayla, but his daughter Claudia brought him back to life two days later. Claudia, worried about Aaravos’s whereabouts, pointed out the massive cocoon on the cave’s wall.

It’s unclear how much power Viren was able to absorb from Zym, but it was enough for Aaravos’ beast to undergo transformation. When the monster emerges from its cocoon, it has the ability to rival the power of dragons. But one thing is certain: Viren, Claudia, and Aaravos continue to pose a serious threat.

After finally professing their love for each other, Callum and Rayla’s relationship will be even more interesting to explore next season. Rayla still needs to reclaim Viren’s coins, which contain the trapped souls of other Moonshadow Elves, even if it wasn’t clear at the end of the series.

With his magic, Callum has grown in strength and will most certainly continue to improve. We’re expecting him to meet Viren or Claudia in a climactic battle of magic vs. magic, which should be tremendous.

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Ezran is coming into his own as King, and he will be a magnificent one with his friends by his side. His capacity to make friends with animals and other species will be critical in keeping the dragons, humans, and elves in peace.

‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4: Potential Plotline

Friendship and connection between Humans and Elves will be re-established in Season 4 of The Dragon Prince. It is unclear and unjustified how much power Viren was able to absorb from the dragon, who is a youngster named Zym, but it was plenty for Aaravos’ creatures to undergo metamorphosis.

The lovebirds Callum and Rayla’s relationship will be even more interesting and exciting to explore in the following season since this time they will finally confess and admit their love for each other!!!!

One of the characters, Ezran, will be reaching new heights to maintain peace and stability amongst the communities of dragons, humans, and elves, thanks to his ability to effortlessly make friends with animals and other creatures.

By the end of this article, I hope you have more ideas about the new season and are excited to see it!!!

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