Akiba Maid War Episode 3 Release Date and Quick Review!


Akiba Maid War continues to amaze everyone with their enigmatic attitude and the ability for saving their business. They must now find a way to move on after losing everything in the last episode. Can they, however? Things appear to be difficult in Akiba Maid War Episode 3, and it is unknown how the ladies will handle the situation.

The latest Akiba Maid War episode will focus on the consequences of the last episode. While attempting to make money, the Oinky Doink team lost everything. They must now find a method to resume their operations. However, the route is littered with thorns. Let’s watch how they get to their cafe now.

Akiba Maid War Episode 3 Release Date 

To stay in business, the Oinky Doink management and her maids must make a difficult decision. But what will their next step be? You’ll find out on October 21, 2022, when Akiba Maid War Episode 3 breathes air.

International viewers may watch it on Crunchyroll, while Japanese viewers can watch it on KBS Kyoto, BS11, SUN, and Tokyo MX. That’s it for now. Keep an eye out. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.

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What Will Happen Next in Akiba Maid War Episode 3?

The most recent trailer teases the action-packed episode. The maids and managers must find a method to return to their cafe after losing all of their money.

The title of Akiba Maid War Episode 3, “Meido no Ken, Suizo no Kachi war,” aka “Maid’s First, Pancreas Worth,” suggests that the Oinky Doink’s café maids will stick together through thick and thin. Furthermore, the show will illustrate the difficulties that the maids and bosses will confront.

Yuichi, who appeared in our previous episode, narrates the trailer. Yuichi will also appear in this episode. Our maids, on the other hand, are completely unaware of the following challenge.

Akiba Maid War Episode 3: Underground Battle! Release Date

They will do everything possible to keep the situation under control. Ranko will start working at a collection agency. It will, however, lead her to a battle martial arts underground club. It is currently unknown how she will deal with it. Will this help them reclaim their business?

Akiba Maid War Episode 3: A Quick Review!

Nagomi tried to process what happened the previous night when the Oinky Doink management encountered obstacles in Akiba Maid War Episode 2. The Creatureland official compelled her to work as a golf tee for not paying her dues and ruining Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam’s scheme. In desperate need of funds, the manager went to a loan shark.

He forced her to sign over their Oinky Doink Cafe as security and persuaded her to play the money at the Maid Casino, where she lost it all. As a result, the manager was forced to close the store. But, when she realized she still had some money in the register, she decided to go to the Maid Casino and gamble it away.

The majority of the crew ended up losing money at many games. However, the Casino’s head maid invited them to play Moe Moe Poker, where she identified herself as the dealer. Unfortunately, the maids lost their money, and the crew was imprisoned.

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Yuichi discovered that the other player and dealer were cheating and modifying the game to their liking. Nonetheless, she lost the game. Soon after, the loan shark arrived to gloat over the Oinky Doink management and servants. Ranko, on the other hand, shot him with a gun, allowing her colleagues to flee the situation.

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