‘lookism’ Anime Series Will Be Available on Netflix in November 2022


Korean Webtoons have been a popular genre on the Internet for a while, and with Korean pop culture becoming a rage in recent years, it was only a matter of time before manhwa and webtoons appeared in animated media.

Park Tae-jun is a South Korean webtoon writer and illustrator. It was first published online on Naver Webtoon in November 2014. The plot centers around a high school student who has the ability to flip between two bodies: one overweight and ugly and one athletic and gorgeous.

It was just reported that Netflix would stream an animated adaptation of the webtoon, and we will tell you everything you need to know about it in this article.

Lookism Netflix Release Date

Park Tae-jun is a South Korean webtoon writer and illustrator. It debuted on Naver WEBTOON in November 2014 and is currently active, with 19 collected volumes published so far. It’s a drama series that’s been released in the US, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, France, Japan, and China.

Lookism grew in popularity as a result of the subjects it examined, and it became a worldwide sensation. Back in 2019, Tencent developed Wàimào Zhshàng Zhy, a 38-episode Chinese television series based on Lookism. Lomon, Wayne Zhang, Wang Zi Xuan, and Dino Lee appeared in the Chinese series. However, this was not the conclusion of the series.

Specifically, on September 25, 2022, during its “Tudum” virtual event, Netflix announced that an animated adaptation of Lookism will be arriving on its streaming service, with the opening song performed by K-Pop band Ateez. While little is known about the adaptation, we do know that it will be published on Netflix on November 4, 2022.

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Lookism Plot

All 17 years of Hyung’s life are spent at the bottom of the food chain. Unfashionable, petite, and obese. Moreover, his friends used to bully him because of his appearance. In an effort to escape his adversary Lee Tae Sung, he decides to transfer to Seoul’s Jae Won High School, a preparatory institution notorious for its lack of troubled students.

Before his transfer, Hyung awakens to discover that he is no longer in his usual overweight body, but rather in a perfect body!

Hyung Suk has become the ideal version of himself; he is tall, handsome, and well-toned. The only issue is that his original body is still resting next to him, and whenever one body falls asleep, he awakens in the other.

Lookism Animated Series: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

Hyung Suk must learn to direct his new and much more popular life at J High while solving the mystery of where his second, almost superhuman body came from, now that he maintains two radically different bodies.

Lookism Cast

  • Shim Kyu-Hyuck
  • Han Shin
  • Ryu Seung-Gone
  • Jeong Jae-Heon
  • Nam Doh-Hyeong
  • Hwang Chang-Yung
  • Sa Moon-Young

Shim Kyu-Hyuck, Han Shin, and Ryu Seung-gone star.

However, in the language Lookism is a Korean-language film with English subtitles.

Korean, Teen TV Shows, School Anime, Drama Anime, and Anime Series are some of the genres available.

Lookism Trailer

With the launch date set for November 3, 2022, it is only reasonable that Lookism will have at least one trailer accessible, giving us a taste of what to expect from the series. Knowing Netflix’s release policies, this was entirely predictable, and we do have the first-look trailer, the only one so far, which you can view here:

Where Can We Watch Lookism?

You can’t watch Lookism anywhere right now because the animated series hasn’t yet aired, but that will change on November 4, 2022. Lookism, a Netflix-produced animated series, will premiere on Netflix on November 4, 2022.

It is currently unknown how many episodes will air and in how many courses, but we do know that the show will premiere on the streaming platform on November 4, 2022, after which we will have more information.

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Will Lookism have a Season 2?

The future of Lookism is currently unknown. At the moment, we don’t know much about the series’ future, so whether or not a second season will be released is unknown.

The original webtoon is still active, and there is more than enough material for more than one more season of the series, which is always good news for Lookism fans, but we will have to wait and see how the situation with season one develops before we can learn more about a potential season two.

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