World Trigger Chapter 227 Release Date, Synopsis, and Where to Raed?


Finally, the wait is coming to an end. Many of you have been waiting to hear what happened as a result of Suwa’s squad decision. They played great, and their astute move can now help them win this game in World Trigger Chapter 227.

But don’t think of the other groups as idiots. They are aware of their worth, and there is a possibility that something bad will occur with Suwa’s group. Continue reading to learn more.

The groups will work on themselves in the 227th chapter in order to move up the leaderboard. However, one of the groups will take advantage of this opportunity to manipulate someone so that the group can serve as their pawn.

They will, however, suffer a terrible fate. This could mean the end of their team, and they could be disqualified in the middle of the game.

World Trigger Chapter 227 Release Date

The Suwa team will go to any length to achieve its goal. Will their plan succeed? It is still unclear. Aside from that, World Trigger is released on a monthly basis. So, on November 4, 2022, World Trigger Chapter 227 will be released. It’s available on Shonen Jump+, Viz Media, and MangaPlus. Keep an eye out. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.

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World Trigger Chapter 227: What Will Happen Next?

Without a doubt, Suwa’s squad is nervous and needs to protect their team during the game. Despite having top-ranked players, their team continues to lose. The worst part is that they were tainted by the underrated team they took for granted.

So they decide to contact Kodera in order to manipulate him. Mikumo requests that he share their strategy because it will help both teams win against the top rankers.

However, Kodera is aware of Suwa’s intention to form a squad. He understands that they need their support to stay in the game. They can, however, turn around once they reach the heights.

As a result, it will be a do-or-die situation for both of them to support or not support one another. Meanwhile, the other groups are preparing to win the special assignment match. They want to do their best to outcompete their previous performance.

World Trigger Chapter 227:  Synopsis

Mikado City is surrounded by strange beings known as “neighbours” when a portal into a new world suddenly opens on Earth. As a result of its arrival, a border defence agency was established to combat the threat of the neighbour using special weapons known as the “Trigger.”

Despite the fact that the gate has been open for several years, neighbours continue to pose a threat, and Border agents are on the lookout for threats to the planet’s security.

World Trigger Chapter 227: Suwa's Plan For Survival! Release Date & More

Despite these delicate circumstances, training members such as Osamu Mikumo are not permitted to use their triggers outside the headquarters. When a mysterious new student is bullied into entering a forbidden area, their neighbours attack them, and Osamu has no choice but to do the right thing.

However, Yuuma Kuga, a transfer student, is taken aback by the aliens’ quick work, revealing himself to be a disguised humanoid neighbour.

A Quick Recap

Everyone discussed their special assignment in the 226th chapter of World Trigger. However, only a few made the top ten. Karuma’s team celebrated their victory, which came at the last second.

At the same time, the others were devising a strategy to outperform the other groups. Murakami’s squad ten was winning, so they didn’t need to worry about anyone else. They were concerned about their performance and Ninomiya’s squad, which was still in the lead.

Suwa’s team, on the other hand, was looking for something else. They were concerned about their squad. Despite their superior abilities, they were defeated by Mizukami and Ninomiya’s squad.

It was a disgrace for them. But they decided to practice hard and use their extraordinary skills to slice everyone in the match. Instead of honing their skills, they contacted Kodera to learn about their squad’s plans.

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Read World Trigger Chapter 227 Manga in English Online

World Trigger Chapter 227 Manga Online will be available this week on World Trigger’s official website. On the Viz website, you can read World Trigger Chapter 227 manga online. Although raw scans are likely to be available on various manga sites and YouTube videos, we recommend reading from official sources.

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