‘Horimiya’ Season 2 Release Date: When Will the Anime Return?

When Horimiya first aired in early 2021, it became a worldwide sensation. The sweet love story between two rival high school classmates wowed viewers.

Hiroki Adachi’s Hero manga series, which he wrote and illustrated under the pen name Hero, inspired the anime series.

It tells the story of a popular girl and a nerdy guy who have very different lives outside of school. They agreed to keep each other’s secrets hidden and eventually fell in love.

The anime series ended definitively and happily, but fans are eager for more of their love story. So, will ‘Horimiya’ return for a second season? So far, here’s what we know.

‘Horimiya’ Season 2 Release Date: When Will the Anime Return?

We already know that ‘Horimiya’ season 2 may not be renewed. However, because the show has not been formally canceled, there is a remote possibility that season 2 will be produced.

After 13 episodes, the first season premiered on January 10, 2021, and concluded on April 4, 2021. Horimiya Anime Season 2 is set to premiere on August 20, 2022.

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‘Horimiya’ Season 2 Voice Cast

Horimiya season 2’s voice cast will remain unchanged, with all characters and voices returning. There’s no need to worry about losing any of your favorite characters. Hormiya season 2 voice actors are listed below:

  • Llewyn Ramirez voiced Shoji, and Koyuki Yanase voiced Shoji.
  • Marissa Lenti played Kyoko’s workaholic mother, Yuriko Hori.
  • Bill Butts played Kyosuke Hori, Kyo’s (Kyoko’s) father.
  • Izumi Miyamura is played by Alejandro Saab (Kyoko’s Boyfriend).
  • Anairis Quinones plays Kyoko’s best friend, Yuki Yoshikawa.
  • Zeno Robinson portrayed Toru Ishikawa (Toru is a fan of Kyoko)
  • Apphia Yu played Honoka Sawada, a schoolgirl who has a crush on Kyoko and Izumi’s neighbor.
  • Llewyn Ramirez voiced Shoji, and Koyuki Yanase voiced Shoji.
  • Marissa Lenti played Kyoko’s workaholic mother, Yuriko Hori.
  • Kakeru Sengoku is voiced by Belsheber Rusape, who plays the head of the student council and Kyoko’s childhood friend.
  • Remi Ayasaki is a student council member, and as such, she is the one who speaks up for him. (Jalitza Delgado, a member of the school council)
  • Celeste Perez played Sakura Kono (a student council member who has a crush on Toru), while Natsume Hado, who was voiced by Shioli Kutsuna, played Toru Sugihara (a member of the student council who has a crush on Toru).
  • Shu Iura (Kyoko and Izumi’s airhead classmate) is a character in Y. Chang’s “Izumi Deyn.”

What is the ‘horimiya’ Plot, and What Can We Expect in Season 2?’

Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura play the characters in ‘Horimiya,’ a story about a handsome and famous Kyoko and an introverted and shy Izumi.

Despite having graduated from the same high school, their social status and attitude are vastly different. Their school personas, on the other hand, are meticulously constructed in order to hide their true selves outside of the classroom.

Horimiya Anime Season 2: Possible Release Date & More Updates!

Izumi is dressed in punk-style clothing outside, complete with earrings and body art. Souta is looked after by Kyoko, who dresses more casually.

They meet outside of school and promise to keep each other’s secrets hidden from their classmates after discovering them. The two began to develop feelings for one another as the story progressed.

They were only able to continue when they fully admitted their feelings for each other. The two were shown graduating from high school in the series’ final episode.

Kyoko and Izumi’s romance will continue if the show is renewed for a second season. The source material for the first season has already been depleted. If the anime is to continue, a new plot must be developed.

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‘Horimiya’ Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for the second season of Horimiya, and since there is unlikely to be a second season, there will be no trailer at all. A trailer is completely unnecessary because there is nothing to announce.

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