Melissa Mccarthy’s Boyfriend? Her Marriage and Children


Melissa Mccarthy, the Gilmore Girls star, may not be heard as often these days, but she was a big name in the early 2000s. Her brilliance is obvious, as evidenced by two Primetime Emmy Awards and being named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world.

Melissa is more than just an actor. She is also a fashion designer, comedian, producer, and writer. She is the presenter of Saturday Night Live and is best known for her role in the comedic picture Bridesmaids.

Her romantic life? Also, super great. She has been married to Ben Falcone since 2005, and their love grows stronger with time.

Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy’s Husband

Despite intense scrutiny from the public and media, Melissa and Ben’s marriage is strong and stable. Of course, most of us are envious because it is uncommon to witness two renowned individuals maintain a long-lasting relationship and raise a happy family with their children.

Ben Falcone’s wife is also an actress and comedian. They met in 1995 while taking the same comic writing class at The Groundling School in Los Angeles. Ben and Melissa were already best friends before they fell in love. I mean, is there anything more amazing than that?!

“We were pals from day one,” Melissa revealed on The Ellen Show.

When the two first met, Melissa was a college student and Ben was still in high school. The two were adamant that their chemistry had existed since day one. And it was Ben who first admired her and insisted on getting to know her better.

“She was very, very goth, and all my pals at the time were like, ‘I wish my mom would let me dress like that,'” the Thunder Force actor said last August on Late Night with Seth Mayers.

Melissa McCarthy And Husband Ben Falcone's Relationship Timeline

The fact that they shared similar visions, senses of humor, and interests in life aided their relationship’s rapid development. Melissa noted in a 2015 interview with More magazine, “We got hit with the same lucky stick.” We were on the same page from the first time we spoke. We either love each other or we don’t sweat the small stuff. And we make each other laugh a lot.”

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Melissa Mccarthy’s Body Image Acceptance Journey

Ben also makes a significant contribution to Melissa’s happiness and confidence. Nonetheless, in her interview with More, she discussed her battle to accept herself for who she is, especially in a world where Hollywood continuously places high expectations on women and their weight.

When discussing her body image journey, Melissa says she began embracing herself once she married and had children. Size and look seemed to be a big problem for her in her early twenties.

It became worse after Rex Reed, the film reviewer for the New York Observer, bluntly branded her “tractor-sized” and “cacophonous” in his review of Identity Thief. Yikes.

Well, the entire piece was about him roasting the entire movie anyhow, and his statement about Melissa’s body type didn’t help matters.

“I was in terrific shape in my twenties, but I didn’t appreciate it.” If I was a 6 or 8, I wondered, ‘Why am I not a 2 or 4?’ “Now I feel like I have two wonderful children and the most wonderful spouse on the globe, and everything else is simply a work in progress,” the actress reflected.

With the presence of her children and her wonderful husband, she also stated that she had stopped caring about her body image, which she regarded as “trivial.” Congratulations to her! She’s a really brilliant and humble actor; she’s more than her looks, and I’m sure many people would agree.

Melissa Was Love With Their Daughters

Vivian Falcone and Georgette Falcone were the couple’s two daughters. Vivian was born in 2007, two years after they married. Their second child was born in 2010. The pair are overjoyed.

Melissa relishes the opportunity to discuss her children in interviews. She seemed to be obsessed with them! In one of her Us Weekly interviews, she described her children as “smarter” and “better than her.”

“I believe they are superior to me.” Vivian and Georgette are older than I was when I was their age. “I feel like I had to push almost 30 to attain their level of confidence, so I enjoy seeing that,” the Can You Ever Forgive Me actress said.

Melissa McCarthy's Kids: Meet Her and Husband Ben Falcone's Family

She also enjoys documenting her two lovely daughters’ activities on Instagram. Melissa’s social media account shows many aspects of her, from her political beliefs to her ideas on matters that are important to her, her husband, and, of course, Vivian and Georgette.

However, the actress still has some reservations about being a parent. Ben is her first and only husband, and having children for the first time was, of course, not always smooth and easy.

“As I navigate each day with my two daughters, I hope I’m blazing a trail.” “At least in the sense of trimming things down and making the route for them a little clearer,” she explained, still in the same Us Weekly interview.

What makes her even more stunning is that she is devoid of the unneeded drama that frequently surrounds the industry. Since her wedding in 2005 – and keep in mind that Ben and Melissa had been dating for seven years prior to their marriage – her name has remained relatively clean.

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Melissa Mccarthy Dated a Number of Gay Men Before Meeting Ben Falcone

Melissa’s Instagram was filled with messages of support for the LGBTQ community. And it turns out she had multiple dates with gay males in her early twenties! She also has a number of LGBT best friends, and she loves spending time with them, she says.

Melissa couldn’t stop laughing when she talked about her dating experiences before marrying Ben. She described her encounter with Advocate in 2014.

“There were a lot of them. Melissa remembered, “I was like the final stop before a person declared, ‘Yep, it’s official: I’m gay.'” LOL. She considered herself gay, but when she met Ben, she realized she was completely heterosexual.

Melissa also stated that most of her best friends were homosexual and that even now that she is a mother, her family is surrounded by gay couples, which she enjoys. Her upbringing also made a significant contribution. Her parents, she said, were quite understanding, and she felt very fortunate.

And now she wished to do the same for her girls. She did, however, concede that she never directly discussed it with the girls.

“I appreciate how my girls see no distinction between same-sex couples and male-female couples with whom we hang out. That is something I am most proud of.”

Like moms, like daughters, don’t you think? Seeing how amazing Melissa and Ben are as parents and in keeping their relationships gives us even more hope that true romance may still be found these days.

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