Who is Calum Worthy Dating? Everything About His Relationship


It is pointless to argue that Calum Worthy is not one of the most underappreciated actors of all time. Calum, as his name suggests, is worthy to stand with Hollywood’s great names, from his childhood desire to his brilliant career loaded with awards.

Celestia DeAstis, Calum Worthy’s Girlfriend

Many people know next to nothing about the “Coppertop Flop Show” actor. Fortunately, Calum did his best to let his devoted supporters know what was going on. One thing he kept open was his relationship with Celestia DeAstis, his friend.

The Chicago-born actress performed in a number of films and television shows, including the 2018 season of “General Hospital.”

In 2015, the former Disney actress dated the Canadian actor. In fact, the relationship that began years ago is still going strong now.

Calum Worthy and Celestia DeAstis’s romance stories, which began in 2015, are likely to continue to the finish. That was our and the fans’ hope, at least. Their relationship lasted seven years, and when 2022 approached, it was possible to anticipate what would happen next for the two lovebirds.

We can only hope that this time, Calum will put a ring on Celestia’s finger and they will be a pair for all eternity.

Calum Worthy, Celesta DeAstis - Calum Worthy and Celesta DeAstis Photos - Zimbio

Calum Worthy Gay Rumors

The Canadian actor was the subject of two unconfirmed reports. The first case involved the rumor that he was gay. The situation occurred in 2017 when several fans inquired about a specific actor, in which Calum had a role.

Ryan McCartan was the name of the actor. Ryan, who may not have intended to make this a dramatic topic at first, searched the internet for Canadians who lived nearby.

He also asked who was ready to marry him after the question. One reader responded to Ryan’s tweet by saying that Calum Worthy would be his dream mate.

Calum’s tweet was tagged by fans. Calum soon arrived and responded. He responded with a simple “yes,” evidently trying to break the ice by making a joke out of it. The news shattered the internet.

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Some fans have speculated about the potential of another gay pair appearing in Hollywood. These supporters, however, failed to recognize that Calum already had a distinct personality in his heart. Celestia DeAstis was and still is a good match for Calum Worthy.

Joey King and Calum Worthy

Another rumor that drew interest among internet users was the claim that Calum is having an “affair” with Joey King. Both performers were on the same set, the 2019 TV show “The Act.”

Joey King had a relationship with Jacob Elordi since the fake declaration, while Calum remained in Celestia’s arms.

The reports were not weakened by the lack of confirmation from Calum or Joey, and they continued their work calmly.

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