Who is Greg Gutfeld’s Wife? All About We Should Know


Greg Gutfeld’s love tale stole the majority of our hearts. His perseverance and upbeat personality win the maiden’s heart. But who was this girl who had managed to break Greg’s heart?

Elena Moussa, Greg Gutfeld’s Wife

Elena Moussa was a Russian-born model and fashionist. She moved to London when she was a young girl before returning to Russia. She returned to Russia to pursue her goal of being a model.

Elena’s modeling career started when she accepted the role of a runway model.

Elena eventually opted to represent Maxim after meeting Greg Gutfeld for the first time. Elena then co-founded the “Moussa Project” fashion boutique with her sister Victoria in 2011, which she closed down in 2016.

Elena, Greg’s wife, is not your ordinary girl, as previously said. Elena’s life was forever altered when she decided to go to New York with her husband, Greg. Elena then decided to pursue a career in fashion and applied to the New York Fashion Institute of Technology before enrolling at the Parsons School of Design.

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Romance and conflict

Greg’s story about his wife, Elena, was more beneficial than harmful. They are simply too cute and resemble a “mature, fulfilled love” between two love birds.

Unfortunately, marriage is filled with constant conflicts between tragedy and grief. The tragedy befell the happy couple until lately when Russia decided to annex Ukraine.

Elena, as you may know, was a Russian-born model and fashion stylist. When the violence erupted, her mother and Greg’s mother-in-law elected to remain in Ukraine. The tragedy quickly engulfed the family, and we witnessed what type of man Greg is.

During a news show, Greg casually told the viewer and his correspondent, Lucas Tomlinson. Greg stated, quote:

“Thank you for the news from Ukraine, Lucas, and by the way, the place you are currently in is where my mother-in-law lives.” If you see her when you return to the hotel, please send her my respects. Best wishes to those who decide to stay and assist the migrants.”

You are correct. When the violence erupted, Greg’s mother-in-law was in Lviv, a city in western Ukraine near the Ukrainian-Polish border. Greg then contacted any authorities who could assist his mother-in-law in escaping the conflict.

Elena Moussa & Greg Gutfed | News - Net Worth, Married, Rumors,

Elena finally visited her mother in Poland in March of this year, after a courageous attempt to flee Ukraine. Greg, looking overjoyed by the news, declared to the public in an unusual manner known only to himself, quote:

“My mother-in-law might already be crossing the border and meeting up with her daughter.” Greg immediately followed the news with a video of Elena hugging her mother after their reunion at the Renaissance Hotel in Poland.

Before the film was made public, Greg warned viewers that it would “leave you emptying a whole bunch of tissue boxes.”

Greg’s family eventually moved on from the issue, and with that, Greg appreciated the efforts of all engaged in the plan. He stated, quote,

“To my employees who worked at the scene, thank you for this wonderful gesture for a cranky, distrusting guy like myself.” You are the true heroes; hopefully, you will be able to meet with your families and those who helped make this happen in the first place.”

There have been no reports of Greg’s mother-in-law since then, and Elena has returned to New York to reconnect with Greg Gutfeld.

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